Make Healthy Smoothies At Home Instantly!

Cut prep time for family time with frozen smoothies from Living Farmacy. Made from 100% whole non-GMO products sourced at their peak for maximum nutrition.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

Eating healthy has become an essential part of our lives. Smoothies are a fun way to receive our daily nutrients in the form of a simple and refreshing beverage. However, making smoothies can be a hassle. Cleaning and washing berries, kale, and spinach, peeling and chopping bananas, and following recipes can be time consuming, especially in the morning. Of course, when kids see mom and dad drinking these delicious and colourful beverages, they want a piece of the fun. Living Farmacy offers a healthy and fast alternative to daily smoothies, packing more essential nutrients in an easy kid-friendly form.

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Easy, simple, and fun!

These almost instant fruit and vegetable smoothies are made from 100% whole non-GMO products sourced at their peak to offer the most nutrition without adding refined sugars or preservatives. A delicious smoothie is produced in under 60 seconds with only a fork! Pouches are kept in freezer. When it’s time for a treat, remove a pouch and crush the contents up with your hands. Pour them out of the pouch into a blender, or a cup if a blender is not available. Add 180ml of water, and automatically or manually blend. Voila! A delicious 100% vegan smoothie with no cleaning or slicing required.

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Living Farmacy’s journey started 5 years ago, when owner Kim’s daughter was underweight. A paediatrician recommended meal supplements to help her gain weight, but the supplements were unappetizing, not just the taste, but the list of chemical ingredients. Kim went on a mission to find an alternative, featuring real fruits and vegetables blended with organic Greek yogurt. After experimenting, she found a recipe that worked, yet it was still time consuming to make smoothies each day. After discovering flash-freezing, Living Farmacy was born. Kim’s smoothie solution cuts meal prep time for family time.

Living Farmacy smoothies can be bought on a one time only or subscription basis. They arrive to GTA homes frozen and partitioned, ready for consumption. The biggest problem is deciding which flavours to order! Below are some of our favourites:

Alive Craft Smoothies

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A smoothie for when you need to feel alive! A sweet and slightly tart taste offering 35% vegetables including zucchini, rhubarb, and celery.

Flow Craft Smoothies

Flow craft smoothies from Living Farmacy

It looks like a traditional mango smoothie on the outside, but this smoothie contains fat burning butternut squash to help jump start your flow. This smoothie tastes like chai mango without dairy. It includes organic lime, cardamom, and pear juice.


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Do you like Pina Coladas and having an umbrella in the rain? This is the smoothie for you, packing the power to move and soothe your digestive tracts. Made with fennel and anti-inflammatory pineapple and turmeric, this beverage is spicy, but not too spicy.


Love smoothies from Living Farmacy

This smoothie could be the exact opposite of love. Many people hate green vegetables, especially kale, but this contains more vitamin C than any fruit, and it’s good for your health.

Living Farmacy smoothies offered on a subscription or one time only basis

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