Everything Needs A Little Sass!! Mei Designs Can Help!

Looking for a morning message to boost your spirits while you sip a delicious cup of coffee? Check out Mei designs lineup of hilarious cups and tumblers.

Written By – Erica Matsui

Cups and interior design pieces can be very important to the room as well as yourself. Cups are things that you use everyday, whether to start your day or end your day. Rather than a bland cup, pick something that is YOURS and speaks to you. The artist, Carolina, at Mei Designs has just the thing for you.

"This is Us" Pillow from Mei Designs

So Many Mei Designs!

There are so many products on Mei Designs’ website. First, let’s start with their signature cups, specifically mugs and tumblers. Many of the cups have adorable illustrations of flowers or unicorns, but my absolute favourites are the ones with hilarious phrases. A couple examples are: “Mama needs some wine”, “I run on coffee and sarcasm”, and “If my mouth doesn’t say it, my face definitely will”. The rest you can find on their website for a great laugh. They are custom designable and some come with caps and stainless steel interior. On their website, they also utilize these cups to make candle mugs and gift sets. So, the products are perfect for treating yourself, or a gift for someone special. They also print pillows and apparels; both are customizable and high quality!

Stay calm with a mug from Mei Designs

These cups and tumblers are made with love. Carolina has an inspiring story that comes with her products. Carolina made Mei Designs while being a mother to two children. The business kickstarted after the birth of her first child. Carolina used her small business to make things for friends. After having her second, she commercialized her business. At this time, she named her business Mei Designs, after her second child’s middle name. It also has a secondary meaning because “Mei” in Chinese means beauty.

Passion and Business Coming Together

Her business turned into full time endeavour when Carolina lost her job at her previous workplace while caring for her sick son. That was when Carolina decided that Mei Designs was her passion as well as her job. Mei Designs has such a warm family story behind it, and it makes all the products more meaningful. Check out Mei Design’s website that is linked below because Carolina says,

“When you buy a product from Mei Designs, the three of us really do a happy dance!”

*All photos and information are from https://meidesigns.ca/*

Website: https://meidesigns.ca/
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