What We Do

Many small business entrepreneurs are struggling today because they are facing both unaffordable rents and market platforms such as Amazon. Tenatch is a C2C marketplace startup in Toronto, Canada that group connects complementary small businesses into different commercial spaces.

Our Services

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Our Vision

Create an impactful platform that supports local small business entrepreneurs from all social and cultural backgrounds. Help expand their business opportunities to create a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Team MAGIC @ Draper University Herothon

After the disappointing showing at Junction ASIA, an opportunity to atone for past sins immediately presented itself. Having heard a lot of good things about Draper University, I decided to enroll in the online Fundamentals of…

Team OASIS @ Junction Asia 2023

This past weekend, Team OASIS participated in the Junction Asia 2023 Hackathon, it was a great event, and we had a talented team, and it went something like this: Day 1: What have we got?Day…

Tenatch Newsletter #1: Origins

It all started with an advice from a VC. It was the Fall of 2018, I was taking the Entrepreneurship course at the University of Toronto. Being an Engineer, I was hot on using…