Colourful Summer Straw Clutches Right In Canada!

The Island Straw Co. has the exact bag you're looking for! From totes to basket and wallets, they have it all, and everything is made from high quality straw!

Written By – Erica Matsui

With temperatures hiking up and humidity on the rise, summer is at its peak!

With our summer outfits, it’s especially important for the items to be effective and colorful. Effective because no one wants to be carrying extra baggage that they don’t need; even better, carrying it with style. Summer is the season for bright colors and light texture.

A beautiful straw bag from Island Straw Co.

The Island Straw Co. has the exact bag for you. From totes, baskets, and wallets, they have it all! With so many variations, there’s one for everyone, but most likely too many too choose from. The bags are all made from high quality straw and woven in a traditional Bahama weave. The fish shaped bags, clutches with flowers, and palm tree tote bags are all authentic art pieces from artists in the Bahamas. These bags with flare and color will give one an immediate mood boost and accessory for a breezy summer outfit.

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The Island Straw Co. has been making printed masks since the COVID-19 outbreak has started. They are amazing local proactive participants in the decline of COVID-19. It keeps masks stylish and favorable to wear in order to protect themselves as well as other people. This company supports people here in Canada as well as the people in Bali who hand make and every one of these masks. It’s heart-warming that it’s a win-win for everyone.

Don’t forget to check out their deals on their website and social media pages for deals and updates on new looks.

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