How Neale’s Ice Cream Changed a Nation

Charles A Neale started Neale's Ice Cream in Trinidad and Tobago using the island's abundance of sweet fruit.

Lately the temperatures are really hiking up. All you want to do after a nice shower or a long walk is take a bite of some cold, creamy ice cream. That’s when Neale’s ice cream comes into play. We can talk about the basics like flavour and texture, but nothing beats the backstory and passion behind their ice cream.

The company started in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1940s, by the founder Charles A Neale. Charles quickly realized his talent in making ice cream with the unique and rich flavors that the island’s fruit offered. The business originally started with Charles selling ice cream from his bike around the streets of Southern Trinidad. Slowly but surely, his brand became mainstream due to its unforgettable taste and became the main ice cream supplier for Southern Trinidad. Sadly, Charles A. Neale passed away in the 80s, however, his recipes did not.

Neale's sweet and nice ice cream

The company made its way to Canada through Charles A. Neale’s grandchildren who wanted to keep their family tradition alive. This treat was brought to Canada not only by their online store, but now you can find their pints in stores such as Foodland, Freshco, and Metro. The classic Carribean flavors such as coconut, rum and raisin, and guava are available as well as innovative new flavors such as banana chocolate will also hit the shelves soon.

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