Bringing Equality & Confidence To Kids With Swag

Kids Swag is a Toronto based online marketplace featuring brands that embody the company's core principle of mindful representation and raising confident kids

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

With the persistent pandemic, it’s difficult to know how schools will continue to operate. Will there be in-class lectures, gatherings, recess, and fun with friends, or will everything be dictated through a computer screen? In either case, it’s never too early to start back to school shopping, especially for clothes with a meaningful message designed to boost confidence and self-love. Kids Swag is an online marketplace featuring brands that embody the company’s core principle of mindful representation to raise confident kids.

Kids Swag is not about products, it is a movement to make representation a social norm. Owner Kim West gained inspiration from her girls and wanted to build a world that made them feel like equal members of society while celebrating their heritage and culture. Kim is dedicated to ensuring her kids see positive images of children who look just like them.

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Steps are being taken to ensure universal diversity, and Kim is contributing by making it easy for parents to build environments that reflect their child’s beauty. This holds great importance to Kim. She believes a confident child blossoms into a confident adult.

The sad truth is products that offer this level of confidence are difficult to find, that’s why Kim’s marketplace exists, to make it convenient for parents to find confidence boosting products without travelling to every Internet site. Her internet marketplace gathers together entrepreneurs who are driven, like her, to bring equality and confidence to kids.

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When you visit you’ll find a whole marketplace composed of entrepreneurs offering everything from backpacks, to notebooks and toys. One of my favourite products on the site is from Blended Designs, who creates gear for students inspiring them to be their best. Their backpacks feature an eclectic mix of characters and the bags are reinforced to handle anything a kid throws at them. Blended Designs is committed to giving students at underfunded schools more gear and supporting local communities and organizations.

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For more information and to view the entire Kids Swag marketplace visit

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