Omusubi Bar Suzume: Believe The Hype

Each bento box from Omusubi Bar Suzume has the ideal balance of nutrients and a colourful palette making food flavourful and aesthetically pleasing.

One thing I can assure you from the get-go is it’s not a trend or a fad; it’s a lifestyle, and no one knows this better than Omusubi Bar Suzume.

We can clearly see this when looking at the mouthwatering menu at Omusubi Bar Suzume. Japanese food is all about balance and health, incorporating many different ingredients and aromas.

The Bento Boxes From Omusubi Bar Suzume

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In each bento box there’s multiple dishes which are thought out with tremendous effort. Each box has the ideal balance of nutrients and a colorful palette that makes the food flavorful and fragrant. Some of the dishes include: cha shu pork, which is notorious for the technique and time needed to cook it; Kale Gomaae, which mixes kale with a sweet-and-salty sesame paste that balances out the kale’s bitterness; vegetable croquette, which is simultaneously filling and healthy. The bento boxes are the ultimate meal for not compromising healthy options or taste.

Omusubi Bar Suzume Rice Balls

Omusubi bar suzume rice balls and sushi

These are stellar! It’s the name of the company and these rice balls definitely live up to their name. With the wide variety including vegan and vegetarian options, every flavor is a must-have.


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I blow through these sides so quickly because they complement the rice balls and any dish perfectly. These sides such as kinpira or homemade ume daikon salad have me wolfing down bowls after bowls of rice.

Original Sauce

Original sauce from omusubi

I highly recommend the ponzu dressing and the teriyaki sauce because the golden ratio to make both sauces are actually very difficult. However, Omusubi Bar Suzume has just the right amount of tang and sweetness to complement whatever you are flavoring.

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