Skittles Scented Candles You Can’t Find At The Body Shop!

Mello Scensations offers 100% all natural, eco-friendly, vegan, non-toxic candles, and one of their most popular scents is a familiar candy

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

After quarantine lifted and stores re-opened for business, I noticed a huge line-up for The Body Shop. People lining up for hours to buy different scents of their favourite candles and soaps they forgot to stock-up on before lockdown. Scents like Black Cherry Merlot, Coconut Paradise, Orange Tangerine, and even Birthday Cake. One scent you won’t find anywhere other than Mello Scentsations, who offers 100% natural, eco-friendly, vegan, and non toxic candles, is Skittles!

Mellow Scentsations uses hand poured soy and shea butter based candles, unlike the store-bought paraffin variety. Scentsations use wooden wicks and all natural essential oils. Each candle is custom made and hand poured for a unique relaxation experience. The wooden wicks offer longer burning times:

3oz burns 20hrs

8oz burns 50hrs

16oz burns 80hrs

Below are some of the unique scents Mellow Scentsations offers, for more information and to purchase candles for your home or office, please visit:

Peaches & Cream

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This scent will leave any room in your home smelling like a basket of freshly hand-picked sweet peaches.


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For those who like plain old faithful vanilla, this is the scent for you. The memorable scent will rejuvenate your mood and make you crave a tub of ice cream.

Bahama Berry

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These candles offer a Bahama blast of raspberry and blueberry mixed with a touch of mango.

Orange Creamsicle

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On a hot summer day, nothing refreshes quite like an orange creamsicle, so why not give your house or office the same refreshing feel? These candles offer a zesty orange scent paired with vanilla.

Pomegranate & Mango

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If you’re looking for a little namaste, this is the candle for you. It offers an alluring, fruity scent that will calm down anyone in your house and relieve mental and emotional stress.


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Finally the candle you’ve been waiting for! This candle offers the delicious sweet aroma of Skittles with a traditional blend of candied fruits.

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