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Local success stories featuring entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Neale’s Ice Cream Changed a Nation

Written By – Erica Matsui Lately the temperatures are really hiking up. All you want to do after a nice shower or a long walk is take a bite of some cold, creamy ice cream. That’s when Neale’s Ice Cream…

Kimono Kraft

Creator Yuki Tokita from Japan has a background in the Japanese art of Sado, or tea rituals, which she carries into he daily business ventures at Tokita-kobo.

Soap Saves Lives!

Made from high-quality ingridients, such as detoxifying charcoal, Kikuchi Soaps offer a moisturizing and nourishing skin experience.


Written By – Erica Matsui We can’t go without introducing the wonders of the key ingredient, kanten. Kanten is high quality agar that was discovered and has been traditionally used in Japan for about 400 years. Kanten is made from…

Books With Life Lessons For Kids

Meaghan Hadwyn & Niki Snjaric were two moms tired of reading fluffy kids books and wanted to offer a realistic outlook on life. Together they founded Other Life Lessons, writing a series of books discussing the struggles of life.

Your Story Begins In These Books

These Toronto notebooks from Hannelore Sotzek, a woman who dedicates her life to books, can be customized with different paper types and are bound through a centuries old coptic binding technique.

The Return of Morse Code

The morse code alphabet has never looked better. Calgary's Alene Shannon is building meaningful jewellery collections with sentimental and personal morse code messages.

Everything Should Be Aluminum

Alumination is a family business specializing in crafting everyday items, like candle holders, from raw aluminium. The company has founded an interesting new technology that connects candles together to create magical centrepieces.

Go To War In Your Bath Tub

Before bath bombs exploded, Meg served 5 years as a pallative care nurse with entrepreneurial dreams. She eventually founded her 100% vegan and cruelty free company, Blazing Bombs.

Cheeky Cards For Any Occasion!

Aparna, born and raised in New Delhi, spent her formative years learning patterns, colours, and storytelling. This lead her on a journey to find her unique company, Green Bean Studio, working with her whole family!