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Blue is a Canadian outerwear company, pushing the boundaries of original coats, while staying stylish

Written By – Erica Matsui

Blue, a Canadian outerwear company, is always pushing the boundaries of original stylish yet comfortable coats. I am in no way, shape, or form a designer or have knowledge in design, but these coats have blown me away. As a consumer myself, I look for something that will keep me warm during the Canadian winters and match my wardrobe. If you cruise through the website you will know, but Blue has a coat that suits you. They have coats that can complement one’s figures with organic lines as well as straight cuts that will give you a professional and refined look. Many of the coats come in neutral colours of black, smoke grey, or sand which is perfect because those colours will compliment any outfit.

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Ok, so let’s talk about versatility. Again, I am not a designer, but these coat designs are so much fun because you have so many looks you can present with one coat from Blue. For example, the coat that is shown in the photo above is called Monet. It is made with Italian wool blend fabric, making the coat warm, soft, and easy to move in. If you look at the opening of the coat, you can see that it can be worn completely closed with the shoulder button to create a sharp professional look. However, a second look can be created by opening the shoulder button and letting the shoulder flaps go to make more diagonal lines and a feminine look. The high/low sleeve cuts also provide a contrast to your average ‘non-Blue’ coat.

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Blue has also started a line of luxury shirts called Azure Casual Shirt Collection. These shirts provide soft, high quality fabric with trendy silhouette designs. These shirts have both men and women’s designs, so go check this new lineup along with the coats!

So… Who’s the mastermind behind this brilliant line?

It’s none other than the creative director, Natasha Patten! She has brought her wonderful skills and knowledge from working in the custom clothing business for a whopping 15 years. Through her expertise, she has created the signature, snug, and comfortable ‘Blue style’. She uses refined quality textile and is committed to making ‘functional and fashionable’ clothing in Toronto, Canada.

When you think of getting your next coat, think BLUE!

*All information and photos are from https://mycoatisblue.com/*

Website: https://mycoatisblue.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mycoatisblue/

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