Candles For The Inner Nirvana

Nautana is a Toronto based soy candles company, handpourinf each jar with ultimate care to help find and create inner nirvana.

Written By – Erica Matsui

Nautana’s mission is to be with you during your self-care moments, “creating your inner nirvana”.

Nautana is a Toronto based soy candle company. They handpour each jar with ultimate care and have thoroughly thought through each combination of scents to create the perfect harmony. Nautana’s mission is to create an inner nirvana, but what is it and what benefit do these candles have?

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Let’s talk about the benefits! First, candles create a homey, cozy atmosphere for your room and/or house. Scented candles can help you concentrate and be more productive because you feel simultaneously relaxed and energized. These seem like oxymorons, but depending on the scent and the ingredient used, the candles can have special effects. Lavender relieves stress, eucalyptus improves focus, and lemon has energizing effects. It is amazing that a scent alone can create so much change and improvement in mood.

Candles are the exact thing to improve the impression of your room and house. Whether it be stylish decor or a nice smell to your space, it creates a positive lasting impression. If you are into feng shui, candles create a good balance in the home because it is the sign of fire. Candle scents can cover-up unwanted odors or create a scent association with your room; meaning, your room will be remembered by someone as an aromatic room. Furthermore, Nautana’s candles are soy candles, which mean that the candles won’t have that black soot or possible toxins.

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Nautana’s candles come in 4 oz and 8 oz jars with an option of five scents: sustenance, resilience, serenity, passion — Nautana, and bliss. The aroma of Sustenance is a mixture of pear jasmine and sandalwood, creating a sweet scent with a woody depth. Resilience is a mix of sweet almond, eucalyptus, and bamboo creating an earthy ambient scent. Serenity is a calming scent with lavender with a hint of vanilla and brown sugar. Passion is my personal favorite scent that is the perfect fruity scent for the summer. Bliss is a very feminine balance between nutty coconut and floral hibiscus and acai berry. The candles run out quickly, so make sure you order your jars quickly on their website!

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