Toronto Swimwear from nUde Swim Empowers Women

nUde Swim offers modern innovative looks perfect for hitting the water this summer. Founder Latoya Anderson makes every swimsuit to accentuate the female form.

With outdoor pools and beaches starting to open up… get your Toronto swimwear on! But especially for many women, it’s not about just getting any bikini or one-piece. It’s about getting the perfect one with the perfect color and the perfect fit.

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nUde Swim has all the modern, innovative looks to hit the water this summer. With the variation of shapes and patterns of their Toronto swimwear and cover-ups, there ought to be something for everyone. I like to compare many of the styles to the ones you see famous instagram models and famous people wear.

nUde Swimwear on the runway

In nUde Swim’s words, the idea behind every suit is “to exhibit the raw, fettered beauty of a woman in her truest form”. This is a groundbreaking idea for such revealing attire like a swimsuit. Many women have insecurities when they wear a swimsuit, but nUde Swim believes it should be changed to self-empowerment and self-love. Her line of swimwear and cover-ups have a goal for women to feel free and confident and the swimsuits should just be an encouragement for that positive attitude. It breaks norms because bikinis and revealing swimwear are often associated with negative images because women are not a certain weight or a certain style.

Elegant nUde Swimwear style

The founder, Latoya Anderson, has especially made every swimsuit to accentuate a woman’s accents. The sustainably sourced Canadian brand is the running forefront of empowered womenswear, a whole new genre of clothing. After the company’s debut in 2018, they have continuously come out with more designs and colors.

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