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We can’t go without introducing the wonders of the key ingredient, kanten.

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Kanten is high quality agar that was discovered and has been traditionally used in Japan for about 400 years. Kanten is made from red seaweed, meaning it is a type of gelatin or coagulant that is acceptable for vegans and vegetarians. It contains a zero calorie dietary fibre that supports regular bowel movement. The kanten helps the body excrete waste in the body and is a familiar diet agent used in Japan.

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Makiko Yasumura, the founder of Kanten Canada, is introducing these kanten-infused traditional Japanese snacks to the Canadian market. Kanten Canada is actually the first and only company specializing in kanten products. Makiko moved to Canada from Japan in 2017, and ever since has been spreading the wonders of kanten here in North America.

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So, what is this candy?

Kohakuto is candy that uses the kanten with the multitude of benefits mentioned above. The kanten is slightly harder than gelatin, enabling to create more shapes and a gummy consistency to the candy. The versatility of the kohakuto come from the flavoring and coloring created by Kanten Canada. With the kanten being clear, it is given the title of crystal candy, however, with some additional coloring, it creates an aesthetic masterpiece. The kohakuto is given its color in accordance to its flavoring, which is all found on the product description. These candies can have extensive uses as gifts, aesthetic accessories, and snacks.

Make sure to pop one in your mouth before they sell out!

*Information and photos from Makiko Yasumura and http://kanten.ca/*

Website: http://kanten.ca/kohakutou-crystal-candies
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kanten.ca/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kantencanada/

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