VIVID Toronto Clothing & Protection From Covid

Julia Alimova, founder of VIVID Clothing Toronto, creates clothing and face-masks at the intersection of pattern, formal, and uniqueness.
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VIVID Clothing Toronto creates the intersection of pattern, formal, and uniqueness with products all made in Toronto, Canada. The face masks, which are essential for living in modern times, are 100% cotton and double layered. Therefore, these are washable to reuse and the double layer making the balance of breathable material with security of an extra layer.

Vivid Toronto clothing offers handmade masks

The bow ties have a wide variety of material and patterns that will keep outfits interesting. From burgundy wool, rose gold glitter cotton, and green raw silk. The neckties and pocket squares from VIVID Clothing Toronto help complete the look as well.

Vivid neckties

Julia Alimova, the founder of VIVID Clothing Toronto, does it all. She imports the material, designs the products, and manufactures the finished products. Julia crafts all of the products to have great aesthetics and makes sets such as the copper wedding line and rose gold wedding line. She handcrafts all her products locally and adds some fun in formal wear outfitters.

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