This Maple Liqueur Is A Canadian Delight

Notes of cocoa, cinnamon, and amaretto will play the chorus of a powerful maple musical on your palette. Cabot Trail is an experience that must be shared with friends!

You’re planning dessert for a spring dinner party. Bailey’s pop’s into mind. No guest would turn their nose at Irish cream with their coffee. So you drive to the LCBO, march to the liqueur aisle and grab a bottle of safe and original Bailey’s. From the corner of your eye you notice something different, something Canadien. Something that will impress your guests and flaunt your originality. It’s an elegant bottle of Cabot Trail Maple cream, a maple liqueur. You remember sampling the drink at the winter One of A Kind Show. Memories of pure Canadian maple syrup richness paired with fresh cream flood your mind. Notes of cocoa, cinnamon, and amaretto begin to play the chorus to a powerful maple musical. You decide you must share this experience with your friends and family

cabot trail maple liqueur in a glass with whipped cream
A coffee lover’s delight: “Cabot Trail Latte”

This is the exact situation I found myself in over the holidays, although I wasn’t planning a dinner party. I was gift shopping and instead of reaching for old faithful Baileys, I recalled the unique maple flavour of Cabot Trail. The liqueur adopts the name from Cabot Trail which runs through Nova Scotia, featuring a rugged landscape of forests, mountains, and oceanside cliffs, with spectacular views showcasing nature’s glory. And it’s in that same sense that Cabot Trail Maple Cream showcases everything a liqueur can be.

Cabot Trail is smooth and delicious. Perfect on the rocks but it can be enjoyed as is or used to spice up an afternoon cup of joe. You can also serve it over ice-cream for an evening dessert. For more interesting recipes and to learn more about maple liqueur, follow their instagram page

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