Ready for a dangerously close shave?

Get back to the basics of shaving. A simple clean shave is all you need, and Cutthroat Shaving has designed a line of products made from scratch for men.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

Cutthroat and shaving, not exactly two words you want to appear in the same sentence, unless you take shaving seriously. Cutthroat Shaving, founded by Amber Nice, originated from a single question: “What do you know about shaving a face?” Turns out Amber knew quite a bit. She loves the authenticity of the shaving experience. The overused shave brush resting gently beside a morning cup of joe paired with the aroma of faint alcohol. This is what Amber believes is the epicentre of a manly shave, but these sights and smells are fading away.

Shaving is now a corporate affair with aerosol cans, cheap razors, and ingredients only chemistry professors can pronounce. The shaving market is bland. It lacks options. Head over to the shaving aisle and you will find an array of Proctor and Gamble products. There isn’t a variety of scents let alone a product yielding a decent shave.

Amber comes from a scientific background, which served well in the development of Cutthroat Shaving. She researched scents, soaps, and everything else in the shaving realm. She developed the purest lineup of shaving products using the simplest ingredients, reviving the smell of man by designing a product for men, not a women’s brand with male offerings.

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Beard Balm from Cutthroat, $22.00 each

Cutthroat kickstarted on Amber’s table, which quickly turned into a laboratory featuring flasks, beakers, test-strips, and a variety of manly aromas. For a business that celebrates a back to basics approach, this was certainly fitting. Each batch of products made from scratch.

Cutthroat has a line-up of shaving products including aftershave, beard balms, combs and oils, face lotions, and razors. And if you’re concerned about keeping the rest of our hygiene up to Cutthroat standards the company offers lip balm, soaps, deodorant, and shampoos. So put down that bottle of Gillette shaving foam and adopt a Cutthroat shaving mentality. Discover their products here:

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