Go To War In Your Bath Tub

Before bath bombs exploded, Meg served 5 years as a pallative care nurse with entrepreneurial dreams. She eventually founded her 100% vegan and cruelty free company, Blazing Bombs.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

I remember foamy bubble mountains overflowing onto pale ceramic. Yellow rubber ducks riding waves and my favourite Batman bath toy coating the bathroom ceiling with water. Those were the good old days. Washing isn’t nearly as fun now. Good luck finding the time for a bath. Most of us settle for morning showers where waiting for conditioner to set in is considered exciting. What if you could throw some fun into your bath tub? Maybe wage a little war in your washroom? You need to storm in there, bombs blazing, with a Blazing Bomb!

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Cotton Candy & A Warm Bath? What’s not to like?

Meg’s journey to becoming general of Blazing Bomb Company started at the infirmary. Meg served five years as a palliative care nurse at a retirement home while running Blazing Bombs on the side. She moved to a new retirement home, but working weekends made it difficult to dedicate time to Blazing Bombs. Meg saw an opportunity for her to chase her dreams. She took the risk, left her comfortable nursing job, and immersed herself in Blazing Bombs with full support from friends and family. She’s taken part in many artisan craft shows including One of A Kind in Toronto. Blazing Bomb’s are also in 5 retail locations.

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For those of you who can’t get enough Tiger King…

Fear not animal lovers, Blazing Bombs are 100% percent vegan and cruelty free. Taking a tour through the Blazing Bomb studio you’ll find natural vitamin enriched oils and butters which come to a soapy lather on your skin. High quality food grade ingredients are molded into each Bomb, with 90% of supplies purchased in Canada. Bombs, salts, and bombs fill Blazing Bombs’ line-up. There is a product for everyone! So if you’re ready to spice up scrubbing time and add fun to your daily routine visit https://blazingbombs.com/

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