These Custom Wood Watches Are 100% Canadian

These Toronto watches will certainly bring you some happiness. Lead designer Jay A is the ticking heart of Bonheur Watches, combining rare exotic woods and Japanese machinery.

Time is a fleeting commodity we cannot buy back, so it’s important to keep track of it, down to the second. In today’s tech driven society, custom handcrafted watches have taken a backseat to the displays of our smartphones for time-telling. Smartphones cannot replicate the magic of handcrafted 100% Canadian custom wood watches.

100% Canadian custom wood watches from Bonheur
Each Bonheur Watch is 100% Canadian Produced

Founder and lead designer Jay A handcrafts custom wood watches in Burlington Ontario. His passion for unique timepieces and functional designs makes him the ticking heart of Bonheur. A team of specialized wood artisans, horologists, assembly, and sales staff work to keep each watch exclusive. Each watch contains rare exotic woods, Japanese machinery, powerful stones and steel. Woodgrain is unique and cut to showoff luxurious grain. Performance tested Bonheur watches adapt to any environment, guaranteed.

Elegant 100% Canadian custom wood watch from Bonheur

Exotic woods are ethically sourced and obtained responsibly. Watch mechanisms are built in Japan using parts sourced at Bonheur’s Japanese plants to ensure quality. Take a shower with your watch and run in the rain. Bonheur watches are water resistant to 3 ATM. Boneheur’s sapphire watch-faces are scratch resistant. Feel free to place your watch facedown. The dials on Bonheur watches, crafted from enamel, which if you didn’t know, is the strongest substance in the human body, last a lifetime. If you’re a watch handy man, each Bonheur includes self sizing tools. Briskly remove your watch with quick release straps offered in leather and wood. Bonheur watches are 100% produced and assembled in Canada, supporting Canadian families and artisans.

Cork faced custom wood watch from Bonheur

If you want to treat yourself to a timepiece you can pass down, or give the gift of time to mark birthdays, wedding , and anniversaries, browse Bonheur’s catalogue here:

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