What We Do

Many small business entrepreneurs are struggling today because they are facing both unaffordable rents and market platforms such as Amazon. Tenatch is a C2C marketplace startup in Toronto, Canada that group connects complementary small businesses into different commercial spaces.

Our Services

1) Article & Magazine

Promotional articles and magazine feature

We have a team of dedicated writers. We will write about your business after a 20 minutes discussion with you

2) Video Promotion

Promote your personality and product

We have a team of skilled videographer. We will work with you to help get your stories to the general public

3) Podcast Interview

Share your newest update with the public

Join our radio show and we will discuss anything of your choice for example COVID-19’s impact on your business

4) Online Market

Stress-free and easy-to-attend online market

Different from other online marketplaces, we put more emphasis on your personality over your products

5) Tenatch Local Ways

New ways to let consumers know you

Join our map. Have your business displayed on our map that makes it easier for the public to find what’s near them

6) Beta Program

Be in the brick-and-mortar of your interest

Join our Tenatch beta program where we combine you with other artisans into different complementary storefronts

Our Vision

Create an impactful platform that supports local small business entrepreneurs from all social and cultural backgrounds. Help expand their business opportunities to create a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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