Who Are We


Choong Wai (David) Fu
CEO & Co-founder

David is an engineer turn entrepreneur. He started his career working for startups in Silicon Valley. There are two “golden rules” in the startup world, one is truth and the other is ideal, he subscribes to both.

Tzu Chen (Nick) Wang
CSO & Co-founder

Nick is a UofT graduate majoring in environmental health and a research fellow at the School of Cities. With research interests in urban resilience, he aims to provide a platform to support local businesses.


Joseph Scaglione
Sales Manager

Joseph is a UofT graduate majoring in Communications & Sociology, he has a passion for writing and storytelling. He is interested in promoting local businesses and presenting their personalities.

Erica Matsui
HR Manager

Erica is a Diaspora Transnational Studies student at UofT and was a research analyst at G20. She seeks to connect her knowledge of immigration, often subject to unequal treatment, and entrepreneurs.

Chihiro Kawaguchi
Senior Web Developer

Chihiro K. is a recent graduate of computer science from Seneca College. She aims to leverage her academic experience and knowledge of programming to begin a career as a computer programmer.




Kanako Takahashi
Content Creator

Kanako studied agricultural and environmental economics at Meiji University in Japan. She worked in a greenhouse for 2 and a half years. She is studying English in Toronto and enjoys running and baking.

Ryuhei Uchino
Social Media Strategist

Ryuhei is a university student majoring in Economics. He graduated with a Business Essentials Certificate from the Toronto School of Management in April. He loves Japanese traditional handicrafts.

Nobue Sato

Nobue is a recent graduate from Seneca College majoring in computer programming. She is passionate about development and have the ability and motivation to experiment and learn new technologies.

Emi Mieno
Digital Marketing Strategist

Emi was an experienced as a graphic designer and photoshoot director with After 8 years of printing and editing, she is now studying digital marketing in Toronto as her new career.


Dr. Brad Bass, Ph.D.
Advisor, Complex Research

Dr. Brad Bass is a researcher at the University of Toronto and Environment Canada. In 2007 he co-received the Nobel Prize for his work with the IPCC. He is an active educator in complex systems, founding and directing the University Research Experience with Complex Systems (URECS).

Dr. Marieme Lo, Ph.D.
Advisor, Social Responsibility

Dr. Marieme Lo is the Associate Director of Education at the School of Cities and Director of African Studies at the University of Toronto. Her work encompasses migration studies, female entrepreneurship, economic justice, with focus on urban transformation and urban governance.

Diego Cortes
Product Marketing

Diego Cortes is one of the founding team members at EDGE Sheridan College and currently a Business Development Consultant at Knockri. He is skilled in business development, product marketing, and digital marketing strategy He loves building impactful products with amazing customer experiences

Joshua Flannery
Expansion Strategy

Joshua Flannery is the Director of Sydney Startup Hub and co-founder of Innovation Dojo, Joshua leads programs across the largest hub of its kind in the Asia-Pacific, containing 420+ early stage companies and has advised hundreds of early stage startups across multiple industries in his various roles.