Choong Wai (David) Fu

David is an engineer turn entrepreneur. He started of his career working for a startup in Silicon Valley. There are two “golden rules” in the startup world, one of them is truth and the other is ideal, he subscribes to both.

Tzu Chen (Nick) Wang

Nick is a UofT graduate majoring in environmental health and a student fellow at the School of Cities, UofT. With research interests in urban sustainability, he aims to provide a platform to support local small businesses.

Joseph Scaglione

Joseph is a UofT graduate majoring in Communications & Sociology, he has a passion for writing and storytelling. He is interested in promoting local businesses and presenting the personalities of today’s entrepreneurs.

Erica Matsui

Erica is a second year Diaspora Transnational Studies student at UofT. She seeks to use the platform to connect her knowledge of immigration who are often subject to unequal treatment and small business entrepreneurs.



Mihoko Schick

Mihoko is a frontend developer & UX designer. She graduated from Humber College and has a great passion for creating vibrant solutions from digital products. Check out her portfolio here

Saori Kawagishi

Saori is a UX/UI designer and iPad content creator. She started making 3D design recently. She is eager to learn any design knowledge and loves creating. Check out her portfolio here

Manami Eguichi

Manami is a business marketer and loves to play tennis. She recently started learning UX at BrainStation. She is passionate about learning and creating user-friendly websites and web applications.

Konomi Kondo

Konomi is an outdoorsy who loves traveling, taking photos, winter sports and exploring nature. She is quite new to Canada but is having a lot of fun here. She looks forward to meeting new people after the pandemic.


Bo-Kai Wang

Kai is a student at Cambrian at Hanson College. He enjoys learning UI/UX and the knowledge about backend services. He is eager to see what programming can do to contribute to this world.


Dr. Brad Bass, Ph.D.

Dr. Brad Bass is a researcher at the University of Toronto and Environment Canada. In 2007 he co-received the Nobel Prize for his work with the IPCC. He is an active educator in complex systems, founding and directing the University Research Experience with Complex Systems (URECS)

Dr. Marieme Lo, Ph.D.

Dr. Marieme Lo is the Associate Director of the School of Cities and Director of the African Studies Program at the University of Toronto. Her work encompasses migration studies, female entrepreneurship, economic justice, with a focus on the dynamics of urban transformation and urban governance.

We are forever grateful for all the contributors over the time, Tenatch wouldn’t be possible without your support

According to the recent report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, 1/7th of small businesses in Canada have closed in 2020 alone. TENATCH is a SaaS startup based in Toronto, Canada. We are in the process of developing a platform that solves the affordability crises of small business entrepreneurs where they are faced with both unaffordable rents and established online market platforms such as Amazon.

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