2020 FREE Fall Market – Fashion

Surfs Up Turquoise ($95 $60)

Surfs Up Turquoise

In nUde Swim’s words, the idea behind every suit is “to exhibit the raw, unfettered beauty of a woman in her truest form”. This is a groundbreaking idea for such revealing attire like a swimsuit. Many women have insecurities when they wear a swimsuit, but nUde Swim believes it should be changed to self-empowerment and self-love. Her line of swimwear and cover-ups have a goal for women to feel free and confident. Their swimsuits encourage a positive attitude.

The “Surfs Up” one piece, single shoulder, and midsection strap creates a beautiful silhouette that enhances any figure.  It’s edgy, stylish, comfortable, and holds everything in place. Surfs-Up is perfect for when you want to make a splash in and out of the water.

Fabric: 88% Nylon, 20% Spandex
Lining: 100% Nylon
100% Made in Canada

Lisa Young Designs

Motorcycle Theme Belt Buckle ($70)

Product Description

Lisa Young Design is a handcrafted jewelry and accessories business with a focus on repurposing vintage and recycled items. She creates pieces that capture the past while giving it a modern edge. 

This motorcycle themed belt buckle is for the Sons of Anarchy enthusiast in your life. Made from natural stone, gears, motorcycle charms, and a nifty little mini-wrench. They fit on a standard size 1-1/2” snap belt which is sold separately.

Red Toque ($24.99)

Product Description

Comeback Season’s clothing is not just something you wear, it’s a lifestyle motivator and inspiration. The 2020 line consists of beanies, hats, sweatshirts, and crewnecks with a variety of colours and patterns. However, the total line consists of other items such as t-shirts, windbreakers, and camo patterns. The simple solid colour and tag of comeback season is the signature streetwear look. This is a start to an upcoming popular Toronto made brand.

It’s time to add some colour to your fall clothing. The bold, eye-catching red of the Comeback Season embroidered toque will certainly spin some heads are you walk the streets of downtown Toronto.


Jinbei Falling Stars Passion Pink ($65)

Product Description

In one phrase the “Jinbei” is “easy relaxing attire.” In Japan, Jinbeis are popular to wear to summer festivals called “matsuri” and are often related to cooling summer clothes. However, Jinbeis are actually great for room wear or a walk in the park as well.

The “Falling Stars” passion pink romper from Imarinucio designed for babies! With frills around the collar, your child will stay cool and comfortable. The jinbei offers a balance of modern style and traditional Japanese design.

Casual Belt | Natural Tan | Gunmetal ($100)

Product Description

WARNING: You will never have to buy another belt again! Solid Leather provides belts for casual Sundays and business Mondays. Jesse Bateson is the craftsman and artist behind the belt. Jesse is determined to do things his way, and he has the discipline, style, and determination to do so. Jesse works with clients one on one, connecting and understanding their needs, while forming lasting relationships. He is driven to give his customers exactly what they want, consistently delivering a perfect look every time. He doesn’t view Solid Leather as a business, he considers it his passion, which he pursues under a set of principles. Endurance, integrity, style, and craftsmanship are values driving Jesse to guarantee his belts for life.

Keep it casual this winter and pick up a natural tan belt with a gun-metal belt buckle from solid leather, which will be custom fit for pant sizes ranging from 28-46. The belt itself is made from full-grain North American steer hide, with eco-friendly dyes and finishes with minimal stretch hand-stitched nylon thread. This will be your last belt!

Wide Stripes Dress Socks ($15)

Product Description

Founded in 2016, the goal of KYSO is to create socks that make an impression, and they’ve reached that goal several times. KYSO believes socks are more than accessories; they play an important role in any outfit.

Owner Marisa Walcott makes her socks from two materials: bamboo and cotton. The bamboo variety are hypoallergenic and soften the more you wash them (that’ll encourage you to wash your socks!) Bamboo socks offer warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. This is a luxury most sock brands fail to offer.

Thick bold colourful stripes made from a blend of rayon, bamboo, and cotton, will have you standing out in any boardroom or event this winter.

Azure Casual Shirt Collection

Product Description

Blue, a Canadian outerwear company, is always pushing the boundaries of original stylish yet comfortable coats. They have coats that can complement one’s figures with organic lines as well as straight cuts that will give you a professional and refined look. Many of the coats come in neutral colors of black, smoke grey, or sand which is perfect because those colors will compliment any outfit.

Natasha Patten brought her wonderful skills and knowledge from working in the custom clothing business for a whopping 15 years to Blue. Through her expertise, she has created the signature, snug, and comfortable ‘Blue style’. She uses refined quality textile and is committed to making ‘functional and fashionable’ clothing in Toronto, Canada.

Blue also started a line of luxury shirts called Azure Casual Shirt Collection. These shirts provide soft, high quality fabric with trendy silhouette designs. These shirts have both men and women’s designs, so go check this new lineup along with the coats!

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