2020 FREE Fall Market – Art

The Chemist Tree

Dream Poster ($15)

Product Description

The Chemist Tree sprouted from the mind of Rovena Tey out of sheer curiosity, combined with passion and creative expression. Educated to be a scientist, born to be an artist, The Chemist Tree is a combination of Rovena’s passions and her chemical interpretation of life. The name itself is the spawn of a “Eureka” moment. At craft shows, Rovena displays her cards on a metal rack resembling a tree. One day she took a good look at her display and the conclusion was obvious: Chemistry cards on a tree, a chemist tree.

We all have dreams, and the chemical that drives those dreams and our imagination is melatonin. What better gift to give to your favourite dreamer than the chemical structure that regulates your sleep cycle and paints your imagination? This poster can bring together any study or bedroom. Dream on!

Death Skull Clock ($45)

Product Description

BBJ, or Barbie’s Basement Jewellery, is the brainchild of Toronto based indie design duo Ange and Robin, two entrepreneurs determined to craft unique accessories sharing their love of pop-culture and all things fringe. And if you’re into designing some of your own pop-art, the majority of BBJ’s items are customizable! They’ve collaborated with artists and small businesses including roller derby teams, Christian publishers, and swingers groups, in addition to CBC, AGO, YORK University, Pride Toronto, and Tim Burton’s exhibition at TIFF. They also have a side business as Trixie and Beever, designing installations and performances on their own, and in collaboration.

With Halloween around the corner, BBJ has a clock to get you in the mood, and a unique story to go along with it: “A recreation of Salvador Dali and Philippe Halsman’s In Voluptas Mors (Voluptuous/Desirable Death), 1951. Our friend and photographer David Hawe helped to recreate this image with then-members of the Scandelles, a Toronto neo-burlesque troupe.”

Salt & Paper Co

Portrait Stamps (from $75)

Product Description

Monika Giacca is the owner and designer at Salt & Paper Co.  She is a Toronto based artist passionate about exciting products. She holds an arts degree from Ryerson university, and over the past four years she’s honed her skills in rubber stamp design and portraiture.

The couples portrait ornament is perfect for the Christmas season. It is a modern, personalized, and hand drawn custom ornament for couples, making it an excellent gift for friends, or something special for you. This is as Canadian as a stamp can get as it is made from Canadian maple. Make this ornament the bright spot of your Christmas tree this year.

Green Bean Studio

Frank Dog – love card ($5)

Product Description

Founded in 2013, Green Bean Studio is home to all things cute and colourful. Bright and cheerful illustrations will make that special someone smile. The Green in Green Bean, isn’t just for colour, the studio is environmentally conscious, sourcing new ways to reduce its carbon footprint, for example, all products are printed on recycled paper.

Owner Aparna, born and raised in New Delhi, spent her formative years in Botswana, which influenced her patterns, colours, and stories. With a background in animation she works freelance on multiple illustration projects and enjoys making spontaneous illustrations for friends and family. One of Aparna’s close friends suggested she illustrate professionally, and Green Bean Studio was born. Green Bean is a family affair, with Aparna’s younger sister, husband, parents, and loving dog comprising her team. 

The Frank Dog love card offers a humorous compliment for the loved one in your life, sure to win you a spot in their good books.

Darth Vader Let Go – Collage Art ($44)

Product Description

Selina Yung is a Toronto-based artist with a passion for art and a habit of upcycling, making collage crafting the perfect hobby. Selina uses vintage collections and aged materials from newsprint and magazines to flyers and photographs. Her goal is to make old new again.

Her work is influenced and built from everyday experience. Selina also draws inspiration from fantasy, movies, and comics, making her real world visceral. Speaking of movies, the piece we’ve chosen to feature includes one of the greatest movie villains of all time. Maybe buy the piece for your Star Wars loving father. 

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