2020 FREE Fall Market – Beauty

Vegan Lip Balm (from $29.99)

Product Description

More Than Lips is dedicated to a simple powerful approach, using only ethically sourced sustainable ingredients, with no animal products, by-products, or testing. All packaging is 100% recyclable.

While classic lip balms use formulated chemicals, and other brands use beeswax, More Than Lips offers plant based lip balms, with a formula delivering hydration and a satisfying feel. And now, all lip balms are made with SPF30 to protect your most precious assets from the sun! So embrace the sun and stay protected. Did we mention these balms offer delicious flavours such as lemonade, mint, and red raspberry? Simply irresistible.

Silva Soapery

Cold Pressed Soap ($6)

Product Description

Time to paws and take a look at these uniquely cut soaps from Silva Soapery. It’s unique paw shape make it easy to grip and it’s crafted from grapefruit oil to leave you smelling fresh and fruity all day long. Owners and friends Mercy & Pauline learned how to make soap in Taiwan and co-founded the company earlier this year. Please welcome them to their first every market and we are truly honoured to have them!

Blazing Bombs

Fortune Teller Bath Bomb ($6)

Product Description

Meg’s journey to becoming general of Blazing Bomb Company started at the infirmary. Meg served five years as a palliative care nurse at a retirement home while running Blazing Bombs on the side. She moved to a new retirement home, but working weekends made it difficult to dedicate time to Blazing Bombs. Meg saw an opportunity for her to chase her dreams. She took the risk, left her comfortable nursing job, and immersed herself in Blazing Bombs with full support from friends and family. She’s taken part in many artisan craft shows including One of A Kind in Toronto. Blazing Bomb’s are also available in 5 retail locations.

The Fortune Teller Blazing Bath Bomb adds an extra layer of fun! Hold your Fortune Teller Bath Bomb in your hands and ask it a question of your choice, the place the bath bomb in the water. The colour inside will reveal the answer! Just like a magic 8-ball, only this one smells like delicious cranberry peach vanilla. Don’t worry you won’t have to decode the meaning of the colour on your own. Each bath bomb comes with a legend to give you a straight answer.

008 Fuyu Shirazu ($10)

Product Description

If you look at the catalog of Kikuchi soap, you can see in an instant the distinctive high-quality ingredients that are featured and used in each bar. Each ingredient has extra benefits. For example, charcoal is great for detoxification and oatmeal with coconut milk has moisturizing and nourishing effects.

The Fuyu Shirazu botanical soap bar from Kikuchi offer calendula, which has been used for centuries to treat wounds and skin irritation. This soap will soothe your skin and offer a luxurious citrus scent to refresh your mind. All soaps offered by Kikuchi feature no artificial colorants or preservatives.

Volcanic Mineral Mask ($45)

Product Description

Plushura is rooted in “self-love”, with a passion for mindfulness and commitment to natural skincare practices. All their skin-care products are natural, paraben-free, and vegan, with no animal testing. Their ingredients include plantain extract, burdock, apple cider vinegar, green tea extract, apricot oil, and aloe vera.

Triana turned to one place no dermatologist would venture: her mind. She changed her self-talk. Focused on staying positive, building her self-confidence, fixing her need for perfectionism, and managing her stresses at work and at home, which were factors contributing to her acne. Triana prioritized mindfulness to create beautiful skin from the inside out, and that is Plushura’s mission.

The volcanic clay mask increases radiance and gently softens skin for a renewed appearance and reduced hyper pigmentation. It will leave your pores clean and revitalized, giving you an extra boost of confidence. 

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