2020 FREE Fall Market – Food

Super Spicy Mango ($12 $11)

Product Description

Edna loved making pickles of various flavours with new blends and techniques. She fell in love with her home-made Indian pickles, which she promoted at community events. She set her sights on a bigger stage. In 2004, she showcased her pickles at the One of a Kind Spring Show in Toronto and the response surprised her. Edna continued to exhibit her delicious pickles at Arts & Crafts Shows in Ontario.

Edna is very much a scientist in the kitchen, constantly experimenting to find new flavours and recipes, which she shares in her own published recipe books. “Savour the flavour of India” is a collection of Non-veg & Veg tried and tested Goan and other Indian recipes. It complements Edna’s other book, “Savour the Vegetarian Flavour of India,” which features vegetarian dishes only.

Over 16 years Edna continued to attract and satisfy new clientele. Her goal is to create the most addictive pickles, to keep pickle lovers coming back for more, and persuade even the harshest pickle critics.

The Super Spicy Mango section are cooked with ginger and garlic pieces. The 2nd best seller in Edna’s lineup. Although spicy, it is rich and full of flavour that builds in your mouth. You can serve with rice or bread. They can also be used as dips or eaten with cold meats etc.

Blossoming Macarons

Macarons ($3.25 ea)

Product Description

Jessica Chan, owner of Blossoming Macarons has dedicated most of her life to baking. She is a scientist in the kitchen, constantly taking on new and challenging recipes to develop her skills as an elite baker. Believe us when we say, you have not lived until you’ve tried Jessica’s macarons. Light, crisp, sweet and creamy, Blossoming Macarons can satisfy any sweet tooth. While Jessica does not limit herself to the world of macarons, offering cookies and more, she does find the macaron process particularly exciting.

She also uses her macarons to do more than satisfy sugar cravings. Blossoming Macarons has participated in Bakers Against Racism bake-sales, donating 100% of profits to Black Women in Motion, a Toronto based non-profit which empowers and supports black women.

Since it is fall, and it’s the weekend, why not indulge in an entire box of our favourite flavoured macaron: pumpkin spice.

Living Farmacy

Clarity Craft Smoothie ($6)

Product Description

Living Farmacy offers a healthy and fast alternative to daily smoothies, packing more essential nutrients in an easy kid-friendly form. These almost instant fruit and vegetable smoothies are made from 100% whole non-GMO products sourced at their peak to offer the most nutrition without adding refined sugars or preservatives. A delicious smoothie is produced in under 60 seconds with only a fork! Pouches are kept in freezer. When it’s time for a treat, remove a pouch and crush the contents up with your hands. Pour them out of the pouch into a blender, or a cup if a blender is not available. Add 180ml of water, and automatically or manually blend. Voila! A delicious 100% vegan smoothie with no cleaning or slicing required.

Cinnamon & Cardamom Tea ($17)

Product Description

Kenyan tea is special! But why is it considered such a delicacy? The simple answer is the 6,000 foot elevation of the Kenyan Highlands. Tea leaves grown at this height produce lovely flavours in the cool air and rocky soil.

The Cinnamon & Cardamom loose leaf tea offers a traditional spice blend, with leaves sourced from a handful of prestigious gardens from regions in Kericho, Kenya. This is a blend that all loose tea drinkers can enjoy, especially in the fall, with a slice of apple or pumpkin pie. The perfect pairing!

Mango Flavoured Ice Cream

Product Description

Neale’s Ice Cream started in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1940s. Charles A Neale quickly realized his talent in making ice cream offering unique and rich flavours from the island’s fruit. The business originally started with Charles selling ice cream from his bike around the streets of Southern Trinidad. Slowly but surely, his ice cream brand became mainstream due to its unforgettable taste. Charles became the main ice cream supplier for Southern Trinidad. Sadly, Charles A. Neale passed away in the 80s, however, his recipes live on. 

The delicious mango flavoured ice cream offers the authentic taste of mango paired with a rich smooth essence, which separates this ice cream from the competition. It is an orange delight and a must try for those who don’t mind a little frozen treat in the fall.

12 Classic Brownies Craft Box ($49)

Product Description

Carolina’s Box of Goodness crafts unrivalled handmade artisan brownies and gourmet Dulce de Leche. Carolina’s focus is her Brazilian food loving family, from whom she inherited her Masterchef traits. Her great grandmother was a pastry chef and cake decorator specializing in banana nut cake. Her grandfather and father, brilliant bakers, introduced Carolina to loaf bread and frozen bread. She learned an important lesson from each family member, whether it be perfecting flavours, producing large quantities of product without sacrificing quality or authenticity, and the value of family and community.

Only the finest ingredients are used in Carolina’s brownies, including premium Belgian chocolate, which puts them above the competition. Add the premium chocolate to Madagascar bourbon vanilla, produced from premium hand-selected beans in Madagascar and you have your chocolate fix for the month.

Mado’s Spicy Pepper Sauce ($9)

Product Description

Are you finding your meals to be lacking punch these days? Tired of the same old bland sandwich, slice of pizza, or bowl of pasta? Sriracha and Tobasco not doing the trick anymore? Meet Mado’s, the spicy condiment, crafted by husband-and-wife team Erin Dowse and Winston Abernethy. The sauce started as a rarity, made in small batches by a woman in her Ajax, Ontario home. Erin, then the owner of The Old York Bar and Grill, discovered the sauce and added it to some menu meals. Customers demanded more of the spice, and Erin began to order sauce by the bucket to meet demand. It’s popularity soared, and Erin bought the rights to the sauce. Once she got her hands on the recipe, she decided to do one small thing: make it strictly vegan. She and her husband have produced it ever since.

Butterscotch Bars ($15)

Product Description

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread was founded in 1981. She baked her signature Chocolate Crunch shortbread from a small shop under the marquee of the Capital Theatre in Toronto. She owned the first Canadian business devoted to artisanal shortbread. Mary’s shortbread became an instant hit, locally, and after 35 years in Toronto, she found international fame.

Across the pond in Glasgow, Scotland, is where Mary learned baking secrets from her mother and French grandmother. Her French connection gave her Scottish treats a certain je ne sais quoi? And we’ll never know what that is because the recipe is top secret, passed down from generation to generation.

What we do know is that Mary’s strong belief in her high quality shortbread being made in small batches from the finest ingredients; including pure creamery butter, premium Canadian flour, and Belgian chocolate, is at the heart of her shortbread, and even though she passed on, her recipe and process carry forward.

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