These Vintage Wax Figures Are Tim Burton-esque!

Leslie Bailey is a 20-year veteran artist who injects humour and fantasy into her art work. If you're into stunning painted clay figures, look no further.

You’re a fan of Tim Burton, claymation, and stop-motion, and you’d like whimsical, “Burton-esque” vintage wax figures to display around your house. You’re in luck because Leslie Bailey, owner of Vintage Pixie Art, has what you seek!

Leslie is a 20-year veteran artist, who infuses a whimsical humour into her vintage wax figures. She focuses on fantasy figures like faeries and elves. Leslie changes her style on occasion, combining elements of steampunk and mosaics. She experiments with mediums such as glass and jewellery to improve her art. The magic happens when the piece takes on a mind of its own. When you see Leslie’s work in person you gain a deep respect for the level of detail and time she adds to every piece.

Stain-glass bird figures from Vintage Pixie Art
Leslie adapts her artistry for stain-glass

Vintage Pixie Art offers figures for every occasion, whether you’re looking for a spooky set piece for your Halloween decor, or a family oriented Christmas figurine to stand guard above your stockings, Leslie has you covered. For more information visit

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