These Watches Are Smoking!

And that's because they're infused with cigar resin, a specialty from the elite craftsmen at Maker Watch Company in Mississauga Ontario.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

Rolex, Breitling, Tissot, Boss, and Movado dominate the watch game. Luxurious, stylish, accepted. All of these brands grant you an air of status, but I guarantee, none of these watches are infused with cigar resin, which is what the craftsmen at Maker Watch Company specialize in.

Maker Watch Company is a small business of the people. When you glance at your watch face you’re reminded of the beauty and elegance of the Maker design. You are present, living in the moment, watching time pass, and it’s this moment that Maker Watch Company tries to perfect.

Maker gives you control in the creative development of your watch, it becomes a piece of you, and it’s easy and rewarding to get lost in the beauty. Below are Maker Watch Company’s designs, if you have the opportunity discover more here:

The Resin Classic $399

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Offered in silver and gold, the Resin Classic 3.0 is the entry piece to the Maker Watch brand. A product of listening to the community who asked for a clean design, with a branded distinguished face and hour markers at an affordable price.

The Retro Wave $589

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The 80s may never die, and it can certainly live on your wrist. This one of a kind piece will definitely capture some eyes. Wear it on your way to pilates class or as you watch Back To The Future for the 100th time. If you have a deeper appreciation for the 80s than most, this may be the watch for you.

Marble Slab $589

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You won’t be making any ice cream on this watch, but it might match a counter top or two. The Marble Slab is a chameleon, blending in with any wardrobe, and you’ll have a few onlookers convinced it’s real.

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