Your Dog Will Make A Ruckus Over This Decor!

Redecorating your home and want to show off your love of dogs? Or maybe you just need to add some paws to your wardrobe. Rukus Dog has you covered!

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

How often do you think about your furry friend while redecorating your home? Maybe you skip the leather sofa for a fabric option, fearing that the genuine, premium leather, will be torn up. Or you substitute carpet for hardwood, making messy cleanups pain and stain free. How about some truly dog inspired decor? So much so that instead of calling it decor, it’s known as DOGCOR! I’m talking about a selection of products from Ruckus Dog, a local supplier of home dogcor.

Creating vintage and inspired home dogcor since 2004, Ruckus Dog designs all of their products with attention to detail and care. Owner Sharyn Cathcart’s journey began with two dogs: Quoyle & Ollie. The two dogs built a partnership: A Simon & Garfunkel or Hall & Oates of sorts. Their deep bond inspired and entertained. Sharyn would photograph moments or hilarity and unconditional love, which drives Ruckus Dog. Every day Ruckus Dog strives for playful products that display a passion dog lovers around the world can find inspiration in.

Wall art from Ruckus Dog

Sharyn’s passion is design, practicing for over 35 years. She illustrates children’s books, loves nature, and dedicates time to photographing all it has to offer. Ruckus collaborates with environmentally responsible companies for most of their product lines.

Belt Buckles from Ruckus

Ruckus Dog products are vintage, breed specific, handmade items to show off your inner dog lover. This includes some fine wall art, which looks very Warhol inspired. There is also a lineup of swag options for yourself, including belt buckles, and vinyl stickers. For more information visit:

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