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Jenny Lien, owner of Small Hours Workshop, splits her work between two objectives: minimalism and sustainability.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

Post World War 2, minimalistic art painted over America. Minimalism refers to anything that is spare or stripped back to the essentials. Minimalism in the world of leather goods focuses on clean lines and playfulness, especially when you look at Small Hours Workshop’s product line.

Jenny Lien is a Toronto designer dedicated to crafts. She loves to build, always working on a new project and getting her hands dirty learning how to work with new materials and mediums. Small Hours came from Jenny’s desire to create a collection of minimalist goods for people preferring to travel light with an appreciation of minimalism. The goal of Small Hours Workshop is to make people’s daily lives and routines easier and maybe a little fun!

Small Hours Workshop connects with local suppliers when possible. Production happens in house, in small batches. The company commits to using simple and efficient processes in every step of production to minimize time, space, materials, and resources. Small Hours remains economical, packaging orders and dedicating themselves to recycling and biodegradable shipping materials.

Below are a few offerings from Small Hours Workshop. For more information and to see more products visit: https://smallhoursworkshop.com/

Small Hours Nude Brass Key Ring — $30

Nude Keychain from Small Hours Workshop

These keychains feature solid brass key rings with the ability to hold several keys. They are paired with a nude body stamped leather tag. It is the perfect product for those who want to make a small, minimalist statement with their keychain. The ring is built to last and can withstand whatever you throw at it. The threaded closure allows for easy attachment to a belt loops or bags.

Small Hours Plant Sling — $70

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You may be familiar with plastic or ceramic options when it comes to gardening, but have you seen a leather plant sling? This modern plant hanger is un-dyed and uses natural vegetable tanned leather, known for its strength and durability. The leather will soften and darken overtime allowing it to age like fine wine.

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