These Map Pillows Let You Nap All Over Canada

Explore vintage Canadian cities and towns as you venture through dreamland sleeping on pillows from Vintage Map Co.

It’s mid-afternoon, you lie on your sofa for a power nap, pulling your pillow close. You’re off to dreamland, a world without borders. Printed on the pillow you’re hugging is a vintage map of your city, Toronto, a place you know very well. Vintage Map Co. makes vintage Canadian map pillows highlighting the layout of historic cities. Owner and pillow crafter Helen Hawketts started her family business back in 2010. Growing up, Helen browsed pictures of vintage maps. One day Helen stumbled upon a 1932 roadmap of Prince Edward County, inspiring her to produce unique Canadian vintage pillows. She offers 40 different map pillows leading to places all over Canada.

Vintage map of the city of Toronto, circa 1873.

Helen hand-crafts her pillows in her Toronto studio or Prince Edward County farmhouse using vintage style linen pillowcases with 100% down-filled inserts. Pillows come in different easy to match colours designed for any room. In addition to pillows, Helen offers an assortment of vintage tea towels. So if you’re into afternoon teas instead of naps, the Vintage Map Co product line has you covered. For more information and to see all of Vintage Map Co’s products visit

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