Since We’re All Homebodies Right Now, Let’s Start Adding To Our Homes!

Toronto home decor has never looked so good, and since we're spending more time at home, why not redesign with help from Homebody Collective!

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

During these past few weeks I think it’s safe to say we’ve all become homebodies, in the best way possible of course. And since we’re spending so much time in our homes why not spruce them up? Homebody Collective owner Cass had a theory in 2016. She biked to four different stores in the Toronto core and showed off her planters. Turns out each of those stores placed an order to have her planters on their shelves. By 2019, Cass sold her products at local markets, had them on shelves across Canada and the United States, and they were featured in US Weekly, Buzzfeed, Toronto Life, and more. Below are a few of Cass’ most interesting products. To see more, visit

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Baby Tree Planter — $35

Here’s a product fitting for any comic book fan. The sculpture stares off into space, dreaming big, hand resting on its cheek, not a care in the world. It reminds every viewer to keep dreaming and follow those dreams. The planter is suitable for air-plants, small cacti, and succulents. All of Cass’ creations are one of a kind; the colour mixing, bubbles, and texture are different for every planter making each as unique as the owner.

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Bulldog Planter — $25

Dog lovers you’re in for a stylish treat! This geometric bulldog planter is perfect for holding air-plants. The dominating stance and perked ears are tell-tale characteristics of the cute and wrinkled French Bulldog. This planter allows air-plants to act as the bulldog’s tail! So open your windows, let a breeze flow through, and watch the tail wag.

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Dragon Head Planter — $35

For those more into reptiles than canines, this dragon head planter is for you. The level of detail in this piece is incredible, with lines and wrinkles through the planter, capturing the dragons unique armoured skin. Anyone into fantasy, which seems to be almost everyone with the popularity of Game of Thrones, should add this to their green thumb garden. These planters are perfect for air-plants, which double as a unique tusk of hair for the dragon. To activate the dragon’s fire-breathing mode, insert a tea-light!

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Skull Planter — $30

For someone who’s bad to the bone, Homebody’s magical skulls are not only intimidating but they symbolize growth and renewal, perfect for perennial plants. These skulls will add a little edge to your living space, and they’re not just for air plants. Make the skull a little prickly by adding a cactus or succulent.

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Avocado Dish — $20

Last, but certainly not least, especially with an avocado craze, these avocado trays can be a unique and quirky fixture in your home. In addition to being a good home for air-plants these avocado trays are also good for rings, earrings, tokens, and trinkets. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to these stylish planters, Homebody Collective offers unique pineapple planters and a variety of macrame hangers. For more visit,

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