A Perfect Cloud Of Cotton Candy From Two Sisters

Cotton Candy is THE carnival food. Two Sisters Treat Co. is sprucing up the more than 100 year old treat with an interesting array of flavours!

Written By – Joseeph Scaglione

When I think about cotton candy, the Toronto Exhibition comes to mind. The event marking the end of summer, and back to school and winter life for Torontonians. It’s a bittersweet event. The biggest draw to The Exhibition, outside of rides, shows, and games, is glorious carnival food. Deep fried Oreos, doughnut burgers, and pickle pizza are some of the zany Exhibition offerings, but traditional staples like corn, hot dogs, burgers, and of course, cotton candy are available. Cotton Candy is the quintessential fair food, fun for adults and kids. First introduced at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904, selling for 25 cents per box. That sounds like a bargain, but tickets to the fair were only 50 cents!

WAIT! A Doctor Invented Cotton Candy?

Nothing screams carnival like a cloud of cotton candy

That’s right, and not just any doctor, a dentist! In 1897 Dr. William Morrison teamed up with candy maker John C. Wharton to invent a machine that heated sugar in a spinning bowl with several tiny holes. The two inventors, now full fledged entrepreneurs, took their “Candy Floss” invention to the St. Louis World Fair, and sold 68,000 boxes. Cotton Candy’s popularity skyrocketed and everyone wanted their hands on Morrison & Wharton’s machine.

Enter Two Sisters Treat Co.

Get yourself a tub of Two Sisters' Cotton Candy

Exhibitions and World Fairs are great places to enjoy a cloud of cotton candy, but what if you get a craving at home, or want to celebrate an event of your own with a sweet treat? Two Sisters specializes in custom hand-spun cotton candy in flavours Morrison & Wharton could only dream of. They make wedding and party favours as well as wholesale pre-packaged cotton candy. Two Sisters can make any event or celebration a little sweeter.


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Two Sisters creates classic flavours like strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. If you want to experiment try flavours like coffee, cinnamon bun, birthday cake, toasted marshmallow, and cookies N’ cream. The flavour doesn’t stop here. Two Sisters offers toppings including sprinkles, pop rocks, edible glitter, and gold or silver flakes. If none of these stock flavours peak your ire, Two Sisters will customize a flavour just for you. If all these flavours sound too delicious to make a decision, book a private tasting with Two Sisters!

In addition to cotton candy, Two Sisters offers other treats to make your event special including caramel apples and popcorn. For more information visit: http://www.twosisterstreatco.com/home.html

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