Try Chocolate Brownies, Belgian Style!

Toronto based artisan brownie and gourmet Dulce de Leche makers Carolina's Box of Goodness handcrafts the most decadent treats in the city.

It’s almost that season. Like clockwork you crave anything and everything chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate pancakes, even eyeing bags of chocolate flakes. It’s the Easter season chocolate craving, and nothing satisfies that craving like artisan gourmet brownies from Carolina’s Box of Goodness.

Carolina’s Box of Goodness handcrafts artisan brownies and gourmet Dulce de Leche. Carolina’s focus is her Brazilian food loving family. She inherited Masterchef traits from her pastry chef and cake decorating great grandmother. Carolina’s grandfather and father, brilliant bakers, introduced Carolina to loaf bread and frozen bread. She learned important lessons from each family member. From perfecting flavours, producing large quantities of product without sacrificing quality or authenticity, and learning values of family and community.

Beautiful bricks of Carolina's chocolate brownies
Beautiful bricks of Carolina’s brownies

Carolina ventured on her own, cooking treats and reading magazines to find palate pleasing recipes for desserts and celebrations. Carolina attended the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City with her sister. After finishing her studies under Chef Remy Funfrock, she traveled back to Brazil to start a custom cake business with her sister and friend. At the core of Carolina’s Box of Goodness is family, passion for authenticity, and a strong sense of community. Carolina’s desserts take you back to your youth with a kick of nostalgia.

The maker of delicious Belgian chocolate brownies, Carolina

Carolina’s brownies include fine ingredients, like premium Belgian chocolate, which puts them above the competition. Add Madagascar bourbon vanilla, produced from premium hand-selected Madagascar beans, and you have your sweet fix for the month. Luckily you can buy a whole box of decadent fudge brownies with a gourmet flair at your local Whole Foods. For more info on these chocolaty creations and other products offered by Carolina’s Box of Goodness, visit

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