Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce From Mado’s

Spicy mayo is not enough. Mado's Pepper Sauce, founded by husband and wife Erin Dowse and Winston Abernethy, is a strictly vegan scotch bonnet kick for any meal.

Are you finding your meals to be lacking punch these days? Tired of the same old bland sandwich, slice of pizza, or bowl of pasta? Sriracha and Tobasco not doing the trick anymore? Meet Mado’s, the spicy scotch bonnet hot sauce, crafted by husband-and-wife team Erin Dowse and Winston Abernethy. The sauce started as a rarity, made in small batches by a woman in her Ajax, Ontario home. Erin, then the owner of The Old York Bar and Grill, discovered the scotch bonnet hot sauce and added it to some menu meals. Customers demanded more of the spice, and Erin began to order sauce by the bucket to meet demand. It’s popularity soared, and Erin bought the rights to the sauce. Once she got her hands on the recipe, she decided to do one small thing: make it strictly vegan. She and her husband have produced it ever since.

Erin Dowse and Her Husband Winston Abernethy, owners of Mado’s scotch bonnet hot sauce
Erin Dowse and Her Husband Winston Abernethy, owners of Mado’s

The sauce is still produced in small, local, vegan, all natural batches. Mado’s sauces offer a sweet heat mix of scotch bonnet peppers, papaya, coconut milk, and a special secret blend of herbs and spices. There is no pepper that packs a pleasant kick quite like a scotch bonnet. The sauce is perfect for pouring, dipping, and cooking. The sauce sticks to wings, pork chops, ribs, vegetables, and anything else you can think to have it with. You can find Mado’s hot sauce at a variety of local Toronto markets such as The Meat Department and The Mercantile, or you can order it directly from Mado’s. For more information about Mado’s hot sauce and to buy some of your own visit:

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