Car Leather Wallets: Cheaper Than A Lambo & Just as Cool

Sven Schlegel was pursuing a PhD when he started Mariclaro designs, turning car interiors into fashionable handbags and wallets.

Have you ever looked at the interior of your car and thought, “This would make a great handbag.” Maybe it’s the leather seats of a 70s Camero, or the seatbelt of a ’69 Mercedes, all car interiors can be recycled. Mariclaro designs has made car leather wallets, bags, and accessories from repurposed materials since 2008. In recent years, they’ve focused on reusing vintage automotive interiors. It began with the challenge of creating modern designs from repurposed materials, to show that repurposed materials offer just as much quality as new materials, and twice as interesting because of their history. They have stories built into them.

For the car aficionado. Speedy red car leather wallet made from a 1957 Mercedes Ponton
Speedy red car leather wallets made from a 1957 Mercedes Ponton

Making Car Leather Wallets

Mariclaro hones the principles of high quality to the last stitch, sustainable production, and ingenious designs. The company stated in 2008 in Mexico during a local election. Founder Sven Schlegel was pursuing a PHD in resource management when abandoned election banners began catching his eye. Seeing the sign material as a waste, Sven decided to turn them into handbags. Sven moved to Canada in 2009 and Mariclaro evolved into a sustainable design company. Mariclaro has taken on projects for Mercedes Benz, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, and TEDx Talks. The company received the Globe Award for Environmental Excellence for best green Canadian product.

Laptop bags made from a car.
A laptop bag made from a 1980 Ford Rancher

Where Does The Name Mariclaro Come From?

It goes back to one night in Mexico, with a bottle of tequila on the table. Sven sat with three women — Marilyn, Claudia, and Rosie, together, Mariclaro.

The process of upcycling is elaborate. Mariclaro works with repurposed aviation seat material and vintage cars. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Wrecking yards provide material for Sven’s craft. He hand-cuts materials out of cars before they’re crushed. The materials are cleaned and pieced together. Below are two stunning one of a kind pieces from Mariclaro, not only can you find your favourite bag, but your can find your favourite car as well. For more info visit:

Forget The Car. Get The Lamborghini Diablo Laptop Bag — $1,699

Lamborghini’s are arguably some of the most beautiful cars in the world, and that beauty translates to this elegant laptop bag, perfect for the supercar enthusiast.

Lamborghini doesn't just make a good car. They make stunning handbags.
The stunning orange leather is just as flashy as the Lamborghini itself.

Porsche 911 Series 993 Weekender Bag — $899

Not as flashy as the Lamborghini, but the Porsche still makes a powerful statement. Black never goes out of fashion so you can dawn this bag at any event and let all the onlookers know it’s a Porsche.

Image for post
The Porsche 911 Series 993, in production from 1994–1998.

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