Toronto Sports History & The Female Form

Stephanie Cheng dedicates her art to the female form and Toronto's greatest sports moments, from Kawhi's "Shot" to the epic "Batflip."

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

If you’re a Toronto sports fan, the past five years gave you a lifetime of memories. From Kawhi hitting “The Shot,” to Bautista’s “Batflip,” and Toronto FC bringing home the gold, there’s no shortage of reasons to celebrate. Now if only the Toronto Maple Leafs can add to the festivities. These moments are immortal and memorable. They are works of art, and should be treated as such. Designer Stephanie Cheng’s art draws inspiration from these monumental Toronto sporting events, but also focuses on another work of art: the female form.

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Stephanie is a Toronto-based freelance designer, illustrator, and screen printer. She draws inspiration from the physical success of humanity, whether it be raw natural beauty, or talent. She explores the use of strong colours and negative space to create pieces that feel modern yet retro. Throughout her journey, Stephanie created band posters for Goldenvoice and Live Nation, among many others. She also illustrates and hand prints original artworks for bands such as Radiohead, Janelle Monae, and Childish Gambino. Her art lies at the intersection of sports, humanity, and music.

Stephanie Cheng

To contact Stephanie for personal work or to purchase one of her pieces, sure to spark conversation, visit

My favourite piece from Stephanie is the quintessential Toronto sports moment. Kawhi Leonard’s buzzer beating shot sending the Toronto Raptors to the Eastern Conference Finals. Stephanie’s piece captures the sher drama of the moment. Kawhi crouching down, as many of us were, before springing up in excitement after three tedious rim bounces. The piece is perfectly titled: The Wait.

An epic sports moment. The Wait 12"x16" — $38.00 CAD
The Wait 12″x16″ — $38.00 CAD

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