Collage Art Will Liven Up Your Home

Selina Yung is a Toronot-based artist with a passion for art and a habit of upcycling, making collage crafting a perfect hobby.

I remember my first grade school art assignment. I cut images from newspapers and magazines, then glued them to a white sheet of Bristol board. My first collage. I went home and stole my mom’s People Magazine’s and every edition from my dad’s Men’s Health collection. Each collage had a theme; from cars, to tech, to sports. Although I liked the process, I didn’t love it enough to pursue collage art crafting as a career. However, Selina Yung from Clever Clippings did.

Selina Yung is a Toronto-based artist with a passion for collage art and a habit of upcycling. This makes collage crafting the perfect hobby. Selina uses vintage collections and aged materials from newsprint and magazines to flyers and photographs. Her goal is to make old new again.

Collage artist Selina Yung and her wall of collages

Everyday experience influences Selina’s work. Selina also draws inspiration from fantasy, movies, and comics, making her real world visceral.

It’s refreshing to see someone focused on creating real collage pieces. Many artists use Photoshop to make collages online using image searches. Although they look spectacular, they miss the hand-made feel of what makes a collage special. Digitally cutting and pasting items achieves the same goal, a hand-cut piece, with magazine images offering a finite amount of content, feel unique.

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So if you’re looking for an art piece to bring a room in your house together; a piece that will certainly be a topic of conversation at your next friendly dinner, order an upcycled collage from Clever Clippings here:

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