Coddiwomple: Travelling In a Purposeful Manner Towards a Vague Destination

Old fashion toys for kids are coming back, and Toronto's Coddiwomple offers a unique collection of puzzles and games to keep kids engaged for hours.

Written By – Erica Matsui

While iPads and new digital items are available and becoming a more common playing tool for children, physical toys are always a win. It is not beneficial for a child to be staring at a screen for an extended time or not use their imaginative brains. Old-fashioned toys are what every child needs to grow, and Coddiwomple might have the most unique collection in Toronto, Canada.

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Coddiwomple knows that playing with toys is a big deal for children. While playing, children learn basic motor skills as well as the power to imagine things and plots, which are all quintessential to development. In other words, toys are catalysts to growth, and at Coddiwomple, they take their toy-selecting very seriously because It changes families’ lives. They have a wide variety of toys such as cars, stacking pieces, and puzzles.

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As much as toys seem like they’re supposed to be for children, they’re just as much for adults as well. Whether it be the optical illusion art toys or model kits, adults have their own necessary form of play and Coddiwomple caters to that as well. Even the children’s toys are made so that the parents and the child can play together and hopefully make memories through playing with the toys. Therefore, these toys are truly priceless and create bonds.

“We invite you to coddiwomple through our website, view our unique products and uncover a few childhood memories along the way. There’s something for everyone.”


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