Kenyan Coffee and Tea For Royaltea Coffee

Royaltea Coffee uprgrades your morning cup of joe to the next level, sourcing their ground coffee from Kenya.

Written By – Erica Matsui

You rub your eyes to wake up to the bright morning. What’s the first thing you look for? Your morning coffee.

Royaltea Coffee upgrades your morning cup of joe. They source their ground coffee from Kenya. You can even pick your grind size from course, fine, medium, or whole bean to get the coffee that’s just right for you.

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Kenyan coffee is special and sort of like a brand. But why is it considered such a delicacy? The simple answer is the high elevation of Kenya allows for the coffee beans to be slightly more acidic with a hint of berry-like flavor. The beans are grown anywhere from 1,400 to 2,000 meters above sea level, which makes the beans grow slower. The slow process allows more time for nutrients and flavor compared to other coffee beans and ensures a SHG, or Strictly High Grown, status. The surrounding areas of these high elevation mountain areas are filled with various wildlife and a vast forest system, making the soil acidic and ideal for coffee growing.

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Royaltea Coffee also sells Kenyan grown teas. The loose leaf tea is very interesting because the tea leaves itself are grown in the same area as the coffee, letting the tea’s flavor be enhanced due to the acidic volcanic soil and high altitude. However, unlike most African tea, this tea is made to brew in the Orthodox method. There are not many African sourced teas that are meant for Orthodox brewing, making the tea from Royaltea Coffee extremely unique. The flavors available are black tea and Cinnamon & Cardamom tea. Both are high quality aromatic loose leaf teas.

You can pick up this gourmet coffee and tea right on your computer or in Toronto!

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