Tired of Your Belts Wearing Out? Get One That’s Built For Your Life!

Jesse Bateson and his company Solid Leather Co. offers premium leather belts handmade in Canada guaranteed to last a lifetime and grind through all the wear and tear life offers.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

About five months ago I bought a new belt from Hudson’s Bay. It had no holes, just a solid piece of black leather, with a stainless steal buckle, and a unique hassle-free fastening system. It tightens like a zip-tie, with a push button release for removal. It’s probably the best belt I’ve ever owned, and I want to keep it forever. The problem is the leather around the edges is wearing away faster than I’d like it too. I love the mechanisms, but I wish the leather offered quality and durability. Then I heard about Solid Leather Co. who offers premium leather belts handmade in Canada to support all the wear and tear life offers.

Solid Leather provides belts for casual Sundays and business Mondays. Jesse Bateson is the craftsman and artist behind the belt. Jesse is determined to do things his way, and he has the discipline, style, and determination to do so. Jesse works with clients one on one, connecting and understanding their needs, while forming lasting relationships. He is driven to give his customers exactly what they want, consistently delivering a perfect look every time. He doesn’t view Solid Leather as a business, he considers it his passion, which he pursues under a set of principles. Endurance, integrity, style, and craftsmanship are values driving Jesse to guarantee his belts for life.

Jesse has 15 years of experience in leather work and demands high performance from all his belts. Not only do Solid Leather belts handle everything your day to day life throws at them, but they also offer style at formal events. Solid Leather belts lie at the axis of fashionable, functional, and durable, an area most belts fail to reach. When you love a belt, you deserve to keep it forever.

Below are casual and formal belts offer by Solid Leather Co. For more information and to purchase what will be your last belt, visit: https://solidleather.com/


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The casual belt is for everyday life, and will likely be used to hold up your favourite pair of Levi’s. The casual belt effortlessly matches with any wardrobe, and you can’t go wrong with the black brushed gunmetal belt ($100 CAD)


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The formal belt is the one you’ll wear to the events you’ll remember. The important moments you’ll cherish for a lifetime, and chances are, the formal Solid Leather belt will be a fond reminder of those memories. Sleek, minimal, and crisp, offered in a variety of rich colours with matte or gloss finishes. These belts will become the signature of your formal attire, and we recommend adding the dark brown formal belt to your collection ($120 CAD)

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