Making Baby Bath Time Enjoyable For Yourself!

Bath time can be fun for babies but not so fun for mom and dad. Dina, owner of BabyWrappers, invented a thin, warm, and comfortable towel to make bath time a happy time for parents and their babies.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

It’s time to give your baby a bath. Most babies have a lot of fun during bath time ( I know I did) but the part that’s not so fun is when bath time is over and your baby must leave the soothing warm water and face the much cooler temperature of the bathroom before being towel dried. This is a very acrobatic time for parents as they maneuverer their baby out of the water towards a towel, while trying to stay dry. Easier to write than to do, unless you have a BabyWrapper; a bath towel designed for babies and parents.

Babywrappers are unique and versatile covering ground other towels leave bare. Babywrappers are made from soft absorbent cotton terry cloth, which ties around your neck, hanging like an apron while keeping your hands free to care for your baby. When bath time is over all you have to do is lift your baby out of the water, towards your chest, and wrap them up. No struggles, no chills, and no wardrobe changes for mom and dad.

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Dina, owner of Babywrappers, found bath time challenging. Her bathroom had a small countertop , large enough for the bathtub only. She often had another person present to hold her baby while drying it off. During bathtub playtime, Dina ended up soaked as her baby splashed water around the bathroom. Dina wanted nothing more than to enjoy bath time as much as her baby, but with all the hassle during drying, and ending up drenched, she dreaded the process. That’s when Dina designed Babywrappers. Dina no longer held any towels. The Babywrapper was thin enough for Dina to feel her baby while providing warmth and comfort. And of course, Dina stays dry.

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Babywrappers come in different colours, allowing your baby to come out of the bath in style. For more information on Babywrappers visit:

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