Welcome to the CABIN! Enjoy your modern soy ink prints!

Emily Taylor brings her expertise of illustration and design to Toronto homes through her company Cabin, specializing in modern soy ink prints.

Written By – Erica Matsui

Modern soy ink print.

4 words that seem non related come together.

CABIN stationary brings risograph prints to your home. Risograph prints use soy-based ink and create a vibrant piece. Risograph prints never completely dry because they do not contain a drying agent. This style of printing creates some smudging, but it also allows for the colors to stay on the surface and stay bright (https://art.illinois.edu/images/documents/Tutorials/riso_print_guide.pdf).

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Now it’s not only the technology that brings an amazing print. The artist and founder of CABIN, Emily Taylor, brings her expertise of illustration and surface design from Toronto to your home. The story of CABIN is a quite inspiring one with lots of turns. CABIN started in 2014 as a magazine for an outlet of young artists, but soon enough after showcasing a number of their pilot products in craft shows and events, the once magazine turned into a trendy stationery and home goods store.

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The products have satisfying color schemes and cute illustrations. The illustrations include food, bottles, flowers, and makes you appreciate nature and everyday things that are beautiful. Such intricate work between the colours and design will have you hooked. The products range from cards to tea towels to prints, and are all mesmerizing. Check out the shop and social media as well as the art itself on the tumblr page linked below.

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*All images are from https://www.cabinjournal.ca*

Website: https://www.cabinjournal.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cabinjournal/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cabinjournal/

More Art: https://cabinjournal.tumblr.com

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