Teething Baby Problems? Try This!

Jorja Lindley had a teething son, and she couldn't find solace in unfashionable teething jewellery options, so she started BoBeads; beautiful teething jewellery for parents

It’s a phase every parent travels through while raising their child. The phase where everything you own becomes a human chew toy. Key signs that your baby is about to start teething include increased biting, loss of appetite, drooling, irritability, and difficulty sleeping. However, teething isn’t all bad news. If you notice any of these indicators, make your way over to BoBeads, a small business making teething trendy!

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BoBeads are handmade silicone teething pieces safe and satisfying for bite-happy babies, yet fashionable enough for caregivers to wear. Every piece is produced from solid good grade, BPA-free silicone beads looped on a quick drying silk cord featuring a break-away clasp. BoBeads are durable and will quickly become your favourite piece of wardrobe. While most teething options are baby-centric items you would not dare to wear, BoBeads makes teething fashionable for parents.

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Owner Jorja Lindley gave birth to her son Boden in 2014, when she fell in love with the idea of teething jewelry. Most of the options were unfashionable, and she was determined to find an alternative for herself and mother group. Jorja works at home in Ontario, Canada, crafting one of a kind pieces. A variety of BoBeads teething products are listed below, for more information visit https://www.bobeads.com/ Each piece should be washed before initial use with soap and water.

#naptime Necklace — $25

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The #naptime necklace is a 31–32 inch fully beaded necklace offered in a gradient or colour blocked scheme.

#roadtrip Bracelet — $10

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The #roadtrip bracelet is 8–8.5 inch and available with a faceted bar, or diamond accent beads.

#multitasking & Pendant Teething Toy — $30

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This one is for the baby who loves elephants! These teething toys are offered in different shapes, sizes, and colours. It will be your child’s new best friend. And if your baby is more into ice cream than elephants, there is a cone pendant as well.

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