Multiple Earrings For The Price Of One!

Shirley Searle and her Ear Curls save the trouble of getting multiple painful piercings. Her unique design lets a single earring give the appearance of multiple earrings, through one piercing.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

Piercings can be a pain, especially today when it’s fashionable to sport several earrings in each ear. The more earrings you want to flaunt, the more piercings you’ll need. Enter Ear Curlsa single earring giving you the appearance of wearing multiple earrings, through one piercing.

Shirley Searle, owner of Ear Curls, grew up in Vancouver working in her family’s lapidary business, centred around cutting, engraving, and polishing stones and gems. Shirley left her family business entering entrepreneurship, accounting, and computer software design. Her creativity in jewellery never ceased. In addition to earrings, Shirley loves beaded embroidery, dressmaking, and watercolour painting.

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Ear Curls are designed specifically for one piercing and are easy to use. A wire travels up the back of your ear to gently keep the earring in place. These individually handcrafted gems are produced with sterling silver and 14 Karat Gold-filled wire featuring an array of materials including crystal, stone, and pearls. Ear Curls offer five different lengths to suit any occasion. For example, size one would offer one gem, while size five would feature five gems. Read more about the sizes and versatility below.

Size One Ear Curls — $30

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Size One Ear Curls are the newest addition to the ear curls family, originally designed for small lobes Perfect if you’re trying a new style! Size One fits almost any ear. The overall length is three quarters of an inch. To ensure this is the right size for you, measure the distance from piercing to the lobe. The Ear Curl needs some soft lobe to hold on to.

Size Two Ear Curls — $30

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The most popular size fitting most ears! The overall length is around one inch. Shown above are the sterling silver set with a rainbow foil head.

To learn more about Ear Curls and browse their other ear related products such as ear cuffs, drop earrings, or custom earrings, visit If you’re still curious as to the exact mechanics behind Ear Curls watch the video below starring Shirley herself!

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