Buying New Guitar Gear? Do Not Go Cheap On This!

Ronald Jacob has a passion for music. He demands high quality sound from his instruments, which is why his company Audio Research & Repair offers high quality non-microphonic guitar cables for all guitarists

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

It’s spring, you’ve been doing some cleaning (probably a lot of cleaning during this quarantine) and you’ve noticed your guitar rig could use upgrading. A new pedal, fresh strings, and new pickups might top your list, but if you really want to change your sound and peak your guitar’s performance, consider investing in a new cable. It’s not the most exciting choice but it can make a huge difference, especially if you own high quality gear. Having premium gear and a low-quality guitar cable is like owning a Ferrari and filling it with low-octane fuel.

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I’ve owned a no-name cable for a long time, never realizing how much it impacts my sound. I recently received a new cable from Ronald Jacob, owner of Audio Research & Repair in Mississauga, Ontario, and the sonic difference was immediate.

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Tom Morello is known for making interesting sounds using his amp wire, but try to keep the Rage out of your rig.

When I plugged in Audio Research & Repair’s cable there was no feedback or screaming. It was silent, the complete opposite of my no-name cable. Unless you’re Tom Morello, and use cables to create riffs, you should always purchase the non-microphonic variety. Non-microphonic cables defend against unintended noises or harsh feedback, without the need for a noise gate, allowing you to sound your best.

Here’s a test: Take your cable, plug it into your amp, and roll the opposite end across the floor. Is it creating feedback? If it is, your cable is microphonic, which is not ideal if you play loud with distortion.

Another big advantage of Audio Research & Repair’s cable is the full, crystal clear sound it carries. Good cables like these will support the full tone of your guitar, and don’t be afraid to turn up your amp; the clarity is noticeable even at peak volume levels.

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Ronald Jacob’s passion is music, which has taken him on a journey towards designing and building amplifiers and speakers that reproduce the true sound of instruments at Audio Research & Repair. With 25 years of experience repairing guitar tube amplifiers, Ronald is one of a few technicians who have perfected the craft. His services include biasing of power tubes, cleaning tube bases, input/output jacks, and noisy control pots.

Not to worry, Audio Research & Repair also offers services for stereo tube amplifiers and speakers. If your guitar is sounding unpleasant, it might be in need of maintenance, and Ronald has you covered through adjustments of Truss Rods, bridge and pickup heights, fretboard cleaning and electronic component adjustment. To learn more or get into contact with Ronald visit

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