Why You Should Switch To Pour-Over Coffee

This coffee company, with a team of architects, designers, and craftspeople, is working towards a sustainable, zero waste at home coffee experience.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

It’s Sunday morning, the highlight of your breakfast week. The day you sit down and truly savour every pancake, egg, waffle, bagel and sip of delicious coffee. Your house is filled with scents reminding you of mom and pop diners you visited as a child, and the most important aroma is in fact the coffee. Chocolate, citrus, and floral notes fill the air balanced by underlying tones of cocoa. Coffee is communal. It’s welcomed at family gatherings, first dates, early mornings, and late nights. It’s your best friend, or worst enemy, if consumed late at night. TV shows are built around coffee. Friends and Seinfeld have their characters spend most of their time in coffeeshops. The mug represents something more, it’s a symbol of humanity.

Canadiano Coffee is a team of architects, designers, and craftspeople. Their studio, office, and workshop are under one roof, inspiring collaboration between professionals. Canadiano is an attempt at sustainable production in the 21st century with respectful sourcing and manufacturing.

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The Zero-waste, Limited-edition 6th anniversary Gold & Walnut Canadiano, $89

Canadiano Coffee’s signature product is their zero-waste pour-over system designed and manufactured in Canada. Pour-over’s have been embraced by specialty coffee scenes for years. The pour-over method involves pouring hot water through coffee grounds in a filter. The water drains through the filter into a carafe or mug below. It’s also referred to as hand-brewing or manual brewing. The technique was used in Europe since the 1900s, but it’s experiencing a resurrection. The pour-over method reveals hidden flavours in the coffee, compared to other methods. The water sits, extracting coffee oils and fragrances while the filter catches the oils, leading to a clean cup.

Canadiano Coffee is zero waste, meaning the paper filter required for typical pour-overs is unnecessary. Canadiano features a surgical grade stainless steel Gold filter, offering a clean and brilliant look. Carved out of a single block of Walnut, Cherry, or Ash, Canadiano is the most elegant pour over machine on the market. Zero waste, no plastic, easy to clean, and hand-crafted in Canada. Simply place the Canadiano on your cup, add two spoons of coffee and pour hot water into the wooden bowl. Stir, wait two-four minutes and your perfect cup of coffee is ready. And if you need to make pour-overs for two, Canadiano has you covered, with the Double-Double.

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The Double-Double, $145

Overtime, coffee oils from your favourite blends will season the wood and etch their way into your morning experience. So head over to https://canadiano.co/ and make your morning cup of Joe a remarkably fresh and environmentally friendly experience. And if you don’t have coffee of your own, not to worry! Canadiano sells that too!

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