Everything Should Be Aluminum

Alumination is a family business specializing in crafting everyday items, like candle holders, from raw aluminium. The company has founded an interesting new technology that connects candles together to create magical centrepieces.

Written by – Joseph Scaglione

What if every item you owned was silver and shined? You’d probably feel luxurious. Like royalty. Toasting with silver chalices to fond memories, lighting candles in silver holders, even cracking cold one’s in silver sleeves. It’s not an accident that Apple coats their computers in an aluminum shine. Silver screams status, and no company knows this better than Alumination Canada, who produces hand made crafts from aluminum since 2014.

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Alumination Chalices. Raise a glass.

A family business, Alumination contemplated the idea of aluminum hand crafted goods since the 1990s. The family started making various aluminum candle holders, which led to their Connecting Candle holders, a true breakthrough and customer favourite. The Connecting Candle’s bond together to create endless amounts of designs suiting anyones style.

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The success of the Aluminect Connecting Candle holders led to the Aluminal spinning tea-light. The piece is decorative and balanced for those who need some relaxation time.

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Aluminect Connecting Aluminum Candle Holders.

With the success of the Connecting Candle holders, Alumination set their sights on the beer market. Nothing screams ice-cold refreshment like the aluminum beer sleeve, perfect for keeping your brew chilled. The sleeves serve many purposes, you can even use them as cups!

Alumination products last forever, making excellent gifts.Machine shops in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, manufacture each Alumination item to a high quality standard. Hand-wash to maintain a fine shine. To learn more about Alumination Canada visit https://aluminationcanada.com/

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