Make Your Neck Beautiful

It's Toronto, and it gets cold fast. Beau.Cou scarves knows the importance of keeping warm and looking beautiful, and their lineup of scarves can help you do both.

Written By – Joseph Scaglione

If you’re ever in the mood to make your neck your most attractive asset, look no further than Beau.Cou Scarves & Accessories. Beau.Cou is French for “beautiful neck,” a fitting name. The apparel is designed and hand-crafted in Toronto, offering a range of colours and patterns to suit anyone’s neck needs.

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Margot, owner and chief designer @ Beau.Cou

Chief scarf-maker, Margot, is a self-taught sewer and scarf aficionado. She adds confidence to all outfits with simple scarves. Born and raised in Welland Ontario, Margot’s fashion fever struck after moving to Toronto. Her scarves started as gifts for friends, who enjoyed them so much they encouraged Margot to open for business. She opened under the name Scarfparty in 2010. I’ve personally never been invited to a scarf-party, but it sounds extravagant.

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The unique floral circle scarf from Beau.Cou

Walk around downtown Toronto on a sub zero day and pay attention to people’s necks. Not too much attention, you’ll look like Dracula on the prowl. You may think, “Are people wrapping blankets around their necks before heading out into the cold concrete jungle?” What you’ve witnessed is the blanket scarf; like getting out of bed, having a shower, wrapping the blanket you slept in around your neck, and heading off to work…only fashionable. Blanket circle scarves are comfortable cozy confidence boosters.

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The elegant and long twisted blanket circle scarf offers an added layer of protection on a winter day

Toronto Raptor Serge Ibaka garners media attention for his 7-foot scarf game. He’s filming pro scarf wrapping tips while in self-isolation. He even persuaded teammates to up their scarf game. Soon the team will incorporate a scarf into their logo!

If you’re impatient and want your scarves in a perfect circle without practicing wrapping techniques, Beau.Cou offers a catalogue of twisted blanket scarves draping from neck to torso in a variety of modest prints. If you prefer a shorter style, light-weight circle scarves are essential. They remind me of Christmas wreaths for your neck, and they come in plaid! Margot is a firm believer in buying locally crafted goods and dedicates her spare time to supplying locally crafted goods. So if you’re looking for an instant boost of confidence and comfort while supporting local business, head over to and buy your neck something beautiful!

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