Sote’s Skin Care

CHOCOLATE Shampoo Bar ($17)

Nature is a source of well-being and wellness. Human beings are a part of nature, and because of this, our well-being is dependent on nature. Thus, any harm to the eco-system will eventually harm our well-being.

Each Sotes product is carefully handcrafted in small batches from organic, wildcrafted, or wildly harvested, sustainable, ethical, and gentle ingredients dedicated to people with sensitive skin as well as those who have green thumbs. 

Chocolate sells well during Valentine’s Day, as do beauty products. Here’s a product from Sotes that combines both popular products into one. The chocolate shampoo bar is a combination of macadamia nut oil and cocoa butter creating a great moisturizing effect. This conditioning shampoo is perfect for damaged hair and dry scalps. 

Cacao Now

Buddha Bar ($6)

Cacao Now is the sweet child of owner Tove Redeby. She prepares each batch of chocolate with one thing in mind: serving people and the planet simultaneously. Trove is a self-described stargazer. The chocolate she whips up is nothing short of a cosmic delight. 

She fell in love with chocolate after finding a small amazonian cacao farm in Tarapoto, Peru. Like love at first sight, she fell head over heels with everything the farm had to offer. Before landing in Peru, Tove received a diploma in nutrition, and had been devoted to optimal eating, high vibration ingredients, and to the concept that food can heal us.   

As an athlete, Tove could always use some extra energy. Cacao Now was part of her search for the perfect energy bar. And she eventually discovered perfection. She realized that any food made with love, high vibration ingredients, and ethical sources is medicine for the mind and soul. 

Each Buddha bar begins with love. This is a truly pure chocolate bar. It consists only of dates, cacao, and a small amount of Antarctic sea salt. Bars are made in small batches, and each one is poured by hand. This bar is a natural source of sustained energy.

Living Farmacy

Love Craft Smoothie ($6)

Living Farmacy offers a healthy and fast alternative to daily smoothies, packing more essential nutrients in an easy kid-friendly form.

These almost instant fruit and vegetable smoothies are made from 100% whole non-GMO products sourced at their peak to offer the most nutrition without adding refined sugars or preservatives. A delicious smoothie is produced in under 60 seconds with only a fork! Pouches are kept in freezer. When it’s time for a treat, remove a pouch and crush the contents up with your hands. Pour them out of the pouch into a blender, or a cup if a blender is not available. Add 180ml of water, and automatically or manually blend. Voila! A delicious 100% vegan smoothie with no cleaning or slicing required.

The Love Craft smoothie is exactly what you need to stick to those New Year’s Resolutions you started in January. You will fall in love with this green smoothie combination of kale, containing more vitamin C than oranges and more calcium than milk. The ingredients including pear juice, zucchini, spinach, and kale, also help to support your heart. 

Artizen Kombucha

Pack of 6 Stubbies ($30)

The story of Artizen Kombucha unfolds organically. In 2012, owners Dasha and Sebastian were inspired to grow the most nourishing and healthy vegetables to feed their growing family and community. Dasha and Sebastian prefer a simple life. One involving slow cooking, traditional fermentation, and zero waste. 

In 2016, Dasha & Sebastian began focusing only on Kombucha. Dasha fell in love with Kombucha growing up in her Moldovan grandmother’s kitchen. The pair moved to a larger space, which offered retail and wholesale capabilities. 

Their vision is to adhere to authentic pure and simple processes and ingredients in the process of fermentation. You can buy a pack of six for yourself, or share it with a loved one this weekend. Flavors include tart cherry, lemon ginger, pomegranate lemon, wild blueberry grape, turmeric zinger, raspberry hibiscus, and new spring rejuvenate.

Moonshine Mama’s

Back in March 2011 Moonshine Mamas owner, Melina Divers, was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Melinda had full belief that she could create wellness for herself through conventional and alternative treatments.

She began walking, exercising, visualizing, acupuncture, and diet changes. She started juicing, eating 50% raw, and taking a combination of supplements. Her immune system was depleted, and she needed to fix it fast. All of her research named four key ingredients: ginger, lemon, honey, and turmeric. Melina started finding ways to consume all four ingredients every day. She found a way to extract the maximum medicinal properties from each ingredient, especially the powerhouse Tumeric. Moonshine Mamas is a family affair, with each bottle being made one at a time.

Try the Sour cherry elixir, which combines the four beneficial ingredients with real sour cherries.

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