Amar Bhuee

Amaranthus and Limonium Misty Blue Flower Wall Hanger ($65)

Amar was born in Southeast London, England to a family that loved working with their hands. Amar’s family moved to Canada when she was 3 years old, settling in the scenic town of Cambridge, Ontario, where Amar still lives today with her husband and cat. 

Her artistic journey began in 2008, when a friend encouraged her to sell her photography at a local art show. Amar loved meeting new people while selling her work, and she realized how art has the potential to forge relationships between people. After selling her photographs Amar had a new direction for her art: portability. She believed that if her art became portable, or wearable, it could be shared with more people, and spark even more connections. How many times have you forged a new relationship with someone who’s complimented you on what you’re wearing? Probably very often, because art and fashion are points of connection between people.

Amar experimented with new materials, teaching herself how to soder and encase objects. Encasement expanded Amar’s art into the world of botanicals and keepsakes, which are the cornerstones of her work today.

Amar’s Misty Blue Wall Flower Wall Hanger is a gorgeous piece handmade with love and care. It is a simple and delicate piece perfect for a romantic gift or a treat to yourself.

Catalina Sànchez

Red Oxford ($35)

Notebooks from Catalina Sanchez fully embrace our fascination with durable, physical storage spaces for our most prized possessions: our words. These notebooks are crafted by hand in Toronto using locally sourced environmentally friendly materials. Each person has unique thoughts, and Catalina Sanchez is dedicated to crafting unique personalized daily notebooks for them. The notebooks are offered with soft, hard, fabric, and faux leather covers. Whether you enjoy flowers, origami, zebras, or just a particular shade of blue, Catalina Sanchez notebooks have you covered.

The Red Oxford notebook is a handcrafted notebook designed to give your inner genius the space it deserves. This bright red hardcover screams love, maybe it’s a great place to write the rest of your diary. Use this journal as a reflection of your work, goals, accomplishments, dreams, and emotions. The book comes in 2 sizes; a pocket 4×5.5” or journal 5.5×8.5.”

Chemist Tree

Apple Of My Eye Card ($6)

The Chemist Tree sprouted from the mind of Rovena Tey out of sheer curiosity, combined with passion and creative expression. Educated to be a scientist, born to be an artist, The Chemist Tree is a combination of Rovena’s passions and her chemical interpretation of life. The name itself is the spawn of a “Eureka” moment. At craft shows, Rovena displays her cards on a metal rack resembling a tree. One day she took a good look at her display and the conclusion was obvious: Chemistry cards on a tree, a chemist tree. 

This is a super fun Valentine’s Day card that is sure to win over the hearts of math lovers. The arrangement on the front of the red card is from a chemical present in everyone’s favorite fruit, apples. The inside of the card is blank allowing you to leave a customized message for your valentine.

Canadian Stitchery

Geometric Heart DIY Suncatcher Kit ($25)

This kit lets you show some love to your whole neighborhood. When the sun shines through this ornament, it casts a wonderful stain glass pattern in your home. Each suncatcher is just over four inches and takes only a few hours to complete.

Mello Scentsations

Rose (Price Varies)

bunch of fresh roses for romantic event

Mello Scentsations uses hand-poured soy and shea butter based candles, unlike the store-bought paraffin variety. Scentsations use wooden wicks and all natural essential oils. Each candle is custom made and hand poured for a unique relaxation experience. The wooden wicks offer longer burning times:

3oz burns 20hrs
8oz burns 50hrs
16oz burns 80hrs

The rose candle helps relieve stress, fight anxiety, and relax your body and mind. It offers a deep rich scent of a blooming bouquet of roses. Add this to all the real bouquets you’ll be receiving this Valentine’s Day.

Urban Nest Decor

Custom Engraved Cutting Board ($45)

Founded in 2006, Urban Nest Décor creates beautiful personalized gifts and meaningful small batch home décor. From ideas, to design, to production, to marketing, they believe in locally owned and made. They are mindful to create products from quality materials. They source  raw materials from Canadian suppliers as close to home as possible. We pay close attention to how the use of raw materials impacts the environment and seek out suppliers that have a dedicated philosophy to protect our natural world.

Robin & Randy are a husband and wife duo living in Jordan, Ontario. They have the best jobs in the world and hope to bring a smile to your face with everything they create. They are constantly stepping on each other’s toes (literally) in their tiny studio space. But they love what they do. They have outgrown their little creative space many times and keep building new “studios” in their yard. Our neighbours affectionately call us the “shed heads.”

This one’s for the chef of the house. A custom engraved cutting board may be just what they need to fan the flames of their next meal. Cutting boards are designed with beauty and function in mind. They are so beautiful, you’ll want to keep them on display. 

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