2020 TENATCHMAS – Accessories

Model R (Neb’s Aaytomatic Rosewood/Ebony ($349) ($279)

Product Description

Bonheur Watches are handcrafted in Burlington, Ontario. Founder and lead designer Jay A’s passion for unique timepieces and functional designs makes him the ticking heart of Bonheur. A team of specialized wood artisans, horologists, assembly crews, and sales staff work to keep each watch exclusive. Rare exotic woods, Japanese machinery, powerful stones and steel are forged into each watch. The woodgrain is unique and cut to showoff the luxurious grain. Bonheur watches are performance tested and adaptable to any environment, guaranteed.

The Model R watch is made from Brazilian Rosewood & African Ebony. It’s water resistant, sporting a black surgical steel clasp and 43MM screw out crown. The perfect Christmas gift for your time conscious and fashionable loved ones. 

Christmas Tree/Zig-Zags Earrings ($25-$35)

Product Description

Piercings can be a pain, especially today when it’s fashionable to sport several earrings in each ear. The more earrings you want to flaunt, the more piercings you’ll need. Enter Ear Curls; a single earring giving you the appearance of wearing multiple earrings, through one piercing.

Shirley Searle, owner of Ear Curls, grew up in Vancouver working in her family’s lapidary business, centred around cutting, engraving, and polishing stones and gems. Shirley left her family business entering entrepreneurship, accounting, and computer software design. Her creativity in jewellery never ceased. In addition to earrings, Shirley loves beaded embroidery, dressmaking, and watercolour painting.

Want bring some festivities to your ears this holiday season? Try this fun new Christmas Tree earrings from Ear Curls. These are made from Sterling Silver and hung from lever back hooks. Sporting red, green, and sapphire blue jewels, you’ll be sure to attract some attention at the holiday Zoom dinner.

Red Micro watch gear Necklace ($30)

Product Description

Lisa Young Design is a handcrafted jewelry and accessories business with a focus on repurposing vintage and recycled items. She creates pieces that capture the past while giving it a modern edge. This necklace is made from mini vintage watch gears set in resin on a stainless steel disc, with a stunning ruby red background. The necklace also sports an 18 inch stainless steel chain.

#336 MARS ($689)

Product Description

Rolex, Breitling, Tissot, Boss, and Movado dominate the watch game. Luxurious, stylish, accepted. All of these brands grant you an air of status, but I guarantee, none of these watches are infused with cigar resin, which is what the craftsmen at Maker Watch Company specialize in.

Maker Watch Company is a small business. When you glance at your watch face you’re reminded of the beauty and elegance of the Maker design. You are present, living in the moment, watching time pass, and it’s this moment that Maker Watch Company tries to perfect.

The Mars watch may be out of this world, yet it still seems to know the value of a deep Christmas red. The watch sports a handmade hybrid maple burl and of course, resin.

Antler Star Set ($75)

Product Description

In Calgary, Steel Daisy, a handcrafted jewellery company offers elegant necklaces, featuring fiery words of wisdom and stunning designs. Designer and owner Alene Shannon strives to build current and meaningful jewellery collections to display her passion. She even offers sentimental Morse code necklaces holding a naughty or meaningful message for the wearer alone.

This Antler Star Set piece does not contain any morse, but it does scream Christmas! This layered necklace comes in silver and gold. The little star is a 16 inch necklace and the Antler is an 18 inch necklace. The gold chain and charm is crafted from 16K gold plated brass. The jewellery is nickel & lead free and hypoallergenic, with a complimentary jewellery pouch with every order. If you’re buying this as a Christmas gift, Steel Daisy will happily send a custom note to the recipient. 

Onyx ring, stacking ring ($60)

Product Description

Caro Sanchez has a vision. To create true craftsmanship with a real commitment to the environment through originality, dedication, and respect for all living things. She believes fashion is a statement of your true self, not a mere display of your status. Fashion allows people to flourish. All of her pieces are handcrafted in Toronto with attention to these values and detail. 

The Onyx stacking ring is three things: Beautiful, minimalist, and elegant. It is perfect for your everyday routine and those special occasions. The ring shows off a 3mm onyx stone surrounded by a 14 Karat gold band. If treat with care, you can enjoy your gold filled pieces from Caro Sanchez for many Christmas’ to come.

Mask Holder Stones ($35)

Product Description

Year ago in early 2008, Nicole Boudreau, owner of Desserts & Skirts, needed to start her own clothing line. That’s right, it was a need. Weeks later, she also decided that she wouldn’t be able to live without owning her own bakery. So we have two seemingly unrelated professions being united by one ambitious and brave entrepreneur. With the support of her friends, who donated sewing machines to her efforts and graciously taught her, Nicole was able to have a small debut for Desserts & Skirts in May 2008. Since then, her business continues to grow. 

This Christmas we’ve decided to feature an item from the “Skirts” half of Nicole’s business. Her chain mask holder featuring five beautifully muted semi-precious stones are certainly a piece to upgrade your fashion flare during this pandemic. The stones include the lava stone, dalmatian jasper, rhodonite, map stone, and white howlite, and all the metal components are sterling silver plated.

#ChristmasWishes At Home Kit ($15)

Product Description

BoBeads are handmade silicone teething pieces, which are safe and satisfying for bite-happy babies, yet fashionable enough for caregivers to wear. Every piece is produced from solid grade, BPA-free silicone beads looped on a quick drying silk cord featuring a break-away clasp. BoBeads are durable and will quickly become your favourite piece of wardrobe. While most teething options are baby-centric items you would not dare to wear, BoBeads makes teething fashionable for parents.

The #ChristmasWishes At Home Kit is a special initiative BoBeads takes on to raise money for families in their area. This year, they are donating profits from these At Home #Playdate Kits. This kit originally launched at the beginning of the Covid-19 quarantine and remains one of BoBeads most popular items. Each Kit allows you to customize your own #playdate necklace featuring a woven cord long enough to create an adult sized necklace and 15 beads to flex your creative muscle. 

Disegno Fine Jewellery

Tricorne ($1850)

Product Description

Pamela is a certified gemologist graduating from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad California. She is also a member of the Canadian Gemological Association, which is a distinction signifying a deep knowledge of theoretical studies. She launched Disegno in 1992 and since then her work has been sold everywhere from public and private galleries to exclusive cruise ships travelling from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Before entering the world of jewellery, Pamela served as an International Development Consultant  working for two years with Unicef in Rwanda. She also has freelance writing experience reporting stories from around the globe. 

The name “Disegno” in typical Italian fashion, carries more than one meaning. In one sense, yes it does mean design, yet in another, it involves the ability to render a drawing or reimagine a design. Within this lies Pamela Coulston’s purpose to find inspiration in unconventional sources, like motorcycles, mountain ranges, and of course, hyperbolic paraboloids. 

Her piece “The Tricorne” features three stunning Christmas rubies. The piece contains three rubies set in rose gold, which are yearning to be stacked with other rings from Disegno’s collection. It’s certainly a ring for that special someone. 

Map Pendants (prices vary)

Product Description

Shoshana Faber offers hand-made contemporary fine jewellery. Shoshana is the sole designer and producer of her work which is made in a private independent studio in Toronto, Ontario. Shoshana spent almost two decades as a goldsmith after completing education at Kootenay School of the Arts in British Columbia and the Revere Academy in San Francisco. Her studios are low-tech and her jewelry is sold at shows nationwide. 

Her Home & Away Map Jewellery are inspired by some of the most revered locations across Canada, including Toronto, Port-Credit, Calgary, and Georgian Bay.

Garden Necklace ($235)

Product Description

Lori Cranson started her handcrafting journey with gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarvoski crystals, leather, and sterling silver wire after trying to find a medium to examine her creative ideas. Lori used mixed media, ceramics, and acrylic paintings before discovering jewellery making. Lori has a keen sense of fashion and colour making her a natural for the world of jewellery. In fact Lori is so good with colour that she is a certified colour specialist, having taken courses all across the globe. Her partner Steve grew up in an artisan environment and followed in the footsteps of his father. Steve had a knack for woodworking, painting, and photography. Steve was the resident artist in his house, whether it was painting a mural in his bedroom or adding an end table to the living room, Steve knew how to work with his hands. Much like Lori, Steve has a natural instinct for beauty, and he is also certified in using Precious Metal Clay to create the pieces in Pret-A-Porter’s lineup. 

This brings us to the Garden Necklace. This is a limited edition necklace handknitted with beautiful flowers with a slight resemblance to snowflakes, making this the perfect necklace for summer or winter. It features a bright turquoise sure to catch a few eyes, however it also comes in burgundy, blue, and black. The chain is adjustable so the piece can be worn at different lengths. This piece is an example of individuality and a true beauty. A must have this holiday season.

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